Location of the explosion. Image courtesy of Bucaramanga Fire Department

An unfortunate accident occurred on the afternoon of Sunday March 12 in the village of Claverianos in Bucaramangathere house explosion around four o’clock in the afternoon claimed the life of an 11-year-old boywhile two other minors, one of whom 13-year-old and 15-year-old are receiving medical attention due to the severity of their injuries his prognosis is guarded.

After the blast, all of the miners were rushed to Santander University Hospital, where they confirmed the 11-year-old boy had died while the other two miners were treated for impact burns. released a statement informing public opinion of what happened in Bucaramanga.

Statement issued by Santander University Hospital.
Statement issued by Santander University Hospital.

Meanwhile, the community initially thought the huge noise was caused by a truck colliding with one of the houses, but later they confirmed it was an explosion :

I was sitting in the chair of my house, we thought that a truck had had an accident because it is very common in this neighborhood. We saw smoke coming out of their house and immediately went to see what had happened. We entered the house and managed to get the children out to take them to a care center, but it was a very strong scene.one of the witnesses told local media in the capital of Santander.

Regarding the reason for the explosion apparently it would have been generated by a gas leak from a bottle used for cooking in the accommodation, the Commander of the Metropolitan Police of BucaramangaGeneral José James Roa, ruled out over the radio that the detonation was caused by a grenade or some type of explosive: “The probable cause of the explosion is currently under investigation. We exclude that it was a fragmentation grenade.”.

While the two injured minors are receiving the medical care necessary for the recovery process, the authorities are carrying out the relevant investigation to finally establish the reason for the accident which is mourning the inhabitants of Bucaramanga.

This tragedy reminds us of what happened just a few weeks ago in the capital of Santander, where a large fire broke out in a cardboard and plastic recycler located in the Girardot district, in Bucaramanga. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the economic losses amounted to 50 million pesos. A nearby body shop and paint shop were hit.

It is a fairly large depot where they recycle plastic baskets, bottles and different materials such as cardboard, plastic, boots, among others. 15 people work there and a van and a truck were also affected. The fire also affected an adjoining body and paint shop and affected three vehicles.“, indicated Edgar Ochoa, lieutenant of Bucaramanga Fire Department.

To deal with the emergency, it was necessary to use a tank truck, three fire trucks and 18 fire units to cordon off the site. At the location where the fire broke out, plastic baskets, bottles and reusable materials were stored. “Usually, 15 people work on this site”, explained the firefighters.

Some animals that were inside the workshops have also been rescued and we are already in the liquidation phase. The owner of the rebreather asks that the causes of the fire be investigated, so we go to the corresponding authorityadded Lt. Ochoa.

The authorities emphasize caution with companies that handle flammable materials, in addition to recalling that in the event of an emergency, you can go to the national hotline 123, and thus be taken care of by the corresponding emergency organization. .

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