Schiphol airport amsterdam continues to face staffing problems at the start of the summer holidays, which is leaving queues of up to two hours to access the airfield, even though airlines have been canceling flights to reduce pressure on the airport. According to Schipholthe first weekend of the summer holidays went “pretty well”, despite queues of up to two hours at the security checkpoints, which is due – he adds – to passengers who had arrived “too early”. for fears of missing his flight before the images of the crowds that have been recorded since April.

Last Saturday the school holidays officially started in most of the Netherlands.

The aerodrome urges passengers not to go to the airport more than four hours before the departure of their flight because this generates “unnecessary queues”especially in the early morning and evening, because the check-in counters are not open for the arrival of travelers and passengers crowd the airport. Shortages of security, cleaning and baggage staff have been causing problems at the airport since this spring, leading to Schiphol to ask the airlines to cooperate in reducing the number of passengers passing through the airport, with the cancellation of trips that they have planned during the summer holidays or by diverting flights to other nearby aerodromes.

In addition to the queues, which have been up to four hours on some weekends, suitcases have also been accumulating for several weeks that no one picks up at the airport due to management problems given the lack of staff. Since air travel began to pick up its pace last April, Schiphol has been dealing with these types of problems, something that it tried to alleviate by adding some 400 people to its workforce and limiting the number of passengers that could depart daily from Amsterdam.

Dutch airline KLM also announced further flight reductions to help manage the situation at Schiphol and intends to cut up to 20 return flights per day in July and August.

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