AMLO will insist the EU to regularize Mexican immigrants

AMLO will insist the EU to regularize Mexican immigrants

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, expressed that he will insist that the United States approve the immigration reform to regularize millions of undocumented immigrants in the context of the Summit of the Americas.

“I am going to continue to support it because it was a commitment, even it has been a long time, the first commitment was made by President (Barack) Obama (2009-2017), about regularization, and President Biden was vice president and we discussed that issue in 2012 “Lopez Obrador said.

López Obrador indicated that he is still “analyzing” his participation in the Summit of the Americaswhich will take place from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles, California, due to the controversy over the alleged exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
If he attended the Summit, he indicated that he would like to hold a meeting with Mexicans in La Placita Olvera in Los Angeles, considered “the cradle of Latinos” in that city.

The Mexican President promised that he will advocate again before Biden for “the regularization of countrymen” who live in the United Stateswhere almost five million of the 10.5 million undocumented immigrants are of Mexican origin, according to the Pew Research Center.

“Migrants from various countries can arrive and US businessmen prefer Mexican workers, they contribute a lot, in addition there is no labor force in the United States and we are carrying out conversations to order the migratory flow,” said López Obrador.

Andrés Manuel, who held his “morning” in Sonora, on the border with Arizona, lamented that due to the campaigns for the midterm elections next November, immigration reform has not advanced in the United States.

For this reason, he reiterated his warning to expose politicians of both parties who have anti-Mexican or anti-immigrant rhetoric in campaigns.

“We are not going to allow that in the campaigns to supposedly win votes, questions are unleashed on Mexican migrants, we do not accept xenophobia, we do not accept racism”
“And if a party, candidates, thinking that if they speak ill of the Mexican they are going to get votes, well, from here we are going to denounce those facts so that our countrymen over there know who is who,” he added.

López Obrador also asked to consider the strength of Mexicans in the United States, estimating that there are already 40 million in that country.when adding undocumented, regular migrants and children of immigrants.

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