AMLO: The US agreed to increase temporary visas for workers

AMLO: The US agreed to increase temporary visas for workers

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that in his meeting with his United States counterpart, Joe Biden, he agreed to increase the number of temporary work visas for Mexico and Central America.

In the conference “morning”López Obrador affirmed that He proposed to the US president to remove tariffs, expand temporary work visas and increase production with the aim of generating jobs and containing migration.

He pointed out that despite the fact that the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) already exists, efforts should be made to unite the two countries more, remove tariffs that may exist, simplify procedures, “remove all procedures for tedious” and unite more to produce and confront the migratory phenomenon.

“The underlying approach was to promote productive activities, to unite to achieve production in the United States, in Mexico, and even when the North American Treaty already exists, try to unite more remove tariffs that may exist, all trade regulations, simplify procedures, remove all tedious procedures and unite us more, to produce and confront the migratory phenomenon”.

“We talked about the need to expand the number of temporary work visas for Mexico, for Central America. This was accepted, the number of work trips to enter the United States will increase considerably”he claimed.

At the National Palace, the Federal President stated that he insisted on Joe Biden investing in the Sowing Life and Youth Building the Future programs that Mexico promotes in the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America.

“The meeting that we had in the White House with President Biden was, I said, very favorable, well, for both nations.”

“We deal with the migratory issue, with the approach that we have maintained for a long time of giving people work in their places of origin. For this, we specifically insist that support be continued, that support be expanded in welfare programs that are already being applied in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, with our financing, but of course these programs need to be expanded. young people can have a job, get training and it was proposed to them that it be expanded and that they invest in the two programs,” he said.

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