AMLO defended the controversial exoneration of Cienfuegos and reiterated his attacks on the DEA: “They fabricated the crime”

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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reiterated that the DEA investigation against the former Secretary of National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, was an “irresponsible” investigation with which they fabricated crimes. He assured that there is a good relationship with the current government of the United States, and with the new one; however, he pointed out, the file was released because the circumstances required it, because the prestige of Mexico was at stake.

“It is unprecedented but circumstances demanded it, because the prestige of Mexico is at stake, and no group, no government can undermine the prestige of our nation, no government, no agency.

What we committed ourselves to was to make known what the United States Department of Justice sent, without deleting anything, they call testar, that is, deleting some names, He asked me, completely, everything, and the Prosecutor’s Office also made it known, but by nature the investigations they did test.

We are also not thinking that those in charge of these agencies are infallible or that foreign governments are perfect., and that everything bad has to do with us, yes, of course, there have been excesses, corruption, impunity, but we are in a new stage … marked by transparency, by a true rule of law, not a state of crookedness, And I repeat, it is being well understood in the United States government, they gave us this file and the whole case without any conditions, which we would not have accepted either.

How from photos of phone screen, someone is going to blame, that can be done by anyone, all those tests are manufactured …. Well, it may be that they did the investigation, but as they come to the investigation that the culprit is Godfather Zepeda, there are many errors, contradictions, they begin to investigate and then the criminals begin to wonder whether or not it is Zepeda, and then the messages that they attribute to Zepeda them, not only with misspelling and run over, but with a language that does not correspond to a mid-level official, “said the president.

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