aircraft crashed in near the city of Villa Ángela

Alleged drug traffickers steal plane in Argentina and crash; there are 5 dead

Five people died Wednesday after an aircraft crashed in an open field near the city of Villa Ángela, in the northern Argentine province of Chaco.
Five people died after a small plane they had stolen crashed in an open field near the city of Villa Ángela, in the Chaco province of northern Argentina.

As reported by the Diario Norte newspaper, the accident occurred at dawn this Wednesday, when the plane, stolen from the “Aeroclub Villa Ángela” by alleged criminals who were part of a Paraguayan drug-criminal organization, crashed to the ground after running out of fuel.

The small Cessna 206 plane, with a high-wing single-engine and capacity for four people, collapsed after the alleged criminals forgot to open the gasoline passage, since the closing system is hidden, witnesses from the flying club commented to the same outlet.
According to the outlet, one of the occupants died instantly when he was thrown from the aircraft, while the four remaining passengers died incinerated because the Cessna caught fire in mid-flight.

Although the identification of the bodies will be a difficult task due to the circumstances of the event, the local authorities consider that they were Paraguayan drug traffickers because several guaraníes, the official currency of Paraguay, and a Cerro Porteño soccer team cap were seized at the scene of the accident. 40-caliber pistol and a satellite phone, typically used by cartel members.
Sources in the case, cited by the local newspaper, indicated that the possible criminals forced their way into the aviation club with a crowbar and to the hangar door using tweezers, they also deactivated one of the security cameras, but were captured by another.

The Villa Ángela prosecutor’s office considered that this audiovisual material will be key to being able to reliably identify those who died in the plane crash.

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