Alex Txikon resumes his attempt to ascend Manaslu

Alex Txikon resumes his attempt to ascend Manaslu

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Globe Live Media, Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The vizcaíno Alex Txikon plans to return to Manaslu field 1 on Wednesday taking advantage of a window of good weather in the area to try to equip field 2 as soon as possible in its attempt of winter ascent to the eighth highest summit of the planet.

As reported by his support team, the sherpas Kalden and Namja are already in that C1, where they will sleep waiting that Txikon, Simone Moro, Iñaki Álvarez and Cheppal Sherpa join them on Wednesday.

The mountaineers have taken advantage of the last days to work in the base camp before the impossibility of ascending because of a storm that “has brought them wind, cold and snow”. The double objective of this new incursion is to verify that “the wind at height is not as strong as in recent days” and, furthermore, “that too much snow has not accumulated”.

Once the conditions of the terrain in field 1 have been verified first hand they will make a decisionAlthough his idea “is to equip up to field 2 as soon as possible to be able to attempt the summit attack as soon as possible”.

“We have seen what a small window of good weather can be and we have to see that we can gradually gain height. Until we are a little higher, we will not be able to know in what situation the route is. It will be important that the wind is not strong and that not much snow has fallen “, points out Txikon.

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