Alert for false offers to work as Civil Traffic Agents in Bogotá

Alert for false offers to work as Civil Traffic Agents in Bogotá

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With an alleged call to enter to work with the District, unscrupulous are scamming citizens in Bogotá, so that they can exchange money to obtain a job as Civil Traffic Agents.

This was alerted and denounced by the Ministry of Mobility of that city, since they are receiving requests from people who were deceived with the fraudulent summons.

“They are sending to citizens via email, calls and text messages, false announcements about hiring processes for the body of Civil Traffic Agents”, Mobility explained in a statement.

Scammers even They are using logos of the Bogotá Mayor’s Office in the digital communications they send to their victims, from whom they also request money so that they can access jobs.

“According to information from the same citizens, the scammers are charging them from $ 100,000 pesos for the incorporation process and for each information that reaches the email they can charge up to $ 15,000 pesos”, indicated in the entity.

In the fraudulent emails, the scammers invite to continue with an alleged process of selection of personnel for the position of ‘motorized controller for mobility’, and even summon them to deliver the documents that they are requested in a list that they attach in the same communication, and thus attend some supposed interviews that they assure that they will be carried out at the main headquarters of the Ministry of Mobility on Calle 13 with Carrera 37.

In that entity they clarified that although they are advancing the structuring process for the technical study with which they seek to create the Civil Traffic Agents plant, no contracting process has yet been opened.

“It is important to highlight that to date the Ministry of Mobility is not carrying out hiring processes for these jobs. In due course, an open and fully informed process will be established through the National Civil Service Commission, in accordance with the provisions of Law 909 of 2004 and whose information will be published in the Support System for Equality, Merit and Opportunity (SIMO) at “, they warned.

To citizens who are receiving fraudulent emails, to bring them to the attention of the authorities provided the following recommendations:

Since the end of 2020, in Bogotá it is planned to replace traffic policemen with civil traffic agents, to comply with a directive of the National Government that seeks that these uniformed men are in charge of citizen security tasks Instead of controlling mobility, this is due to the deficit in the number of police force in Colombia.

The guideline is contained in resolution 6781 of December 20, 2019 of the Ministry of Defense in which it is stipulated that: “The transit functions developed by the National Police in the districts and capital cities will be gradually dismantled to relocate the service of these uniformed men in the surveillance mode.”

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