The former deputy arrived in Bogotá, after being extradited from Venezuela. Courtesy.

The former senator was deported to Colombia from Venezuela on the morning of March 10, 2023. As soon as she arrived in Colombian territory, she made her first statements to the national press and assured that her voluntary return was due to the fact that already the proof enough to defend against the crimes for which she was accused in 2018.

Aida Merlano was three years in Venezuela, she managed to gather enough evidence to avoid being convicted, since she repeatedly stated that she had been accused by the Chars of the crime of buy votes.

After arriving in the country, he thanked Nicola Maduro y Gustavo Petro for facilitating the transfer procedure, “I want to thank both governments, both President Gustavo Petro, for speeding up the deportation process, since it was not an extradition, and also Nicolás Maduro Moros, which allowed me to return to my country,” the former MP told the media.

Thanks to an operation by the Colombian authorities, Merlano arrived at the military airport of Cat in Bogota, where she was received by Colombian Migration, that she has taken the necessary steps before being transferred to Buen Pastor prison, where she will be detained while the judicial authorities define her sentence.

Aida Merlano made her first statements and assured that she feared for her life after receiving threats from the people who incriminated her, for this reason she requested security guarantees.

The former MP asked President Gustavo Petro to guarantee her safety and his familysince he assured that the Attorney General of the Nation You have not acted correctly in the protective measures.

“I am afraid of being the victim of an attack and that this time they will succeed. The day they tried to assassinate me on a farm, after being raped, I managed to get out safe and sound and took refuge in the government of President Nicolás Maduro,” she said.

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