About 200 blood samples were left in the streets of western Bogotá

About 200 blood samples were left in the streets of western Bogotá

Discharged blood samples left on the streets of the town of Engativá

The discovery of nearly 200 laboratory tubes filled with blood samples, on the afternoon of last Wednesday, January 3, It disturbed the inhabitants of the Garcés Navas neighborhood, in the town of Engativá. On the 109 A race with 77D Bis street, the biological samples were found that were even marked with the names and surnames of the people to whom they belonged.

“On Wednesday afternoon we found the tubes and blood spilled in a pedestrian zone. We immediately called the authorities to arrive and investigate because this leaves us concerned, we do not know if that blood is infected and can cause damage to public health “said one of the inhabitants of the sector, in testimonies collected by national media that arrived in the area before the citizens’ alert.

The massive notice was given when, a citizen, who had come to that sector of the northwest of the city to work, found the samples lying on the floor. The man assured that, although he considered collecting them to dispose of them, he regretted at the last minute and preferred to notify authorized personnel for the collection of the material that generated controversy among the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

“I came from work and I found that there. I almost picked it up, but no. He gave me a hunch and I didn’t. There are quite a few, even the corner there. The police were called, but no one has appeared ”, said the man before the competent authorities made a presence in the sector. The officials arrived hours after the notices from the citizens, and the complaints from the media that accompanied the community.

At dawn this Thursday, with the arrival of health personnel and the Metropolitan Police, to the Garcés Navas neighborhood, blood samples were collected, and The area was fumigated because one of the biggest concerns of the population was that the blood that strangers left lying on the street outside of patients infected with coronavirus.

“I went through the pedestrian path behind my house and found about 200 blood samples, they were even marked with names, surnames and we all panic here because one does not know if that suddenly has a virus “said a neighbor in the area to the media.

“Here they were spraying and talking to us. We hope they check cameras and we know what happened because it seems premeditated “said a citizen who, in his opinion, could have been an act carried out under preliminary planning.

As reported by Caracol Radio, the officials of the Ministry of Health, and other authorities who came to the place to collect the sample tubes, They started an investigation to try to establish who left the abandoned biological material.

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