A woman vaccinated against COVID gives birth to a baby with antibodies

A woman vaccinated against COVID gives birth to a baby with antibodies

Giving birth and having a child is considered the miracle of life. But, according to a study conducted at the University of Florida School of Medicine, a woman would have performed a double miracle, giving birth to a baby with antibodies against the coronavirus.

This woman was about 36 weeks and three days pregnant, and according to this report it would be a health care provider who had already received the first dose of Moderna’s vaccine.. This would be the explanation why these antibodies have appeared in your baby.

The girl was born without any setback and with health, due to a natural birth. However, with the special feature of having done it with these antibodies. Specifically, the research found, three weeks after the woman gave birth, antibodies from the umbilical cord blood, at a level of 1.31 U / ml.

The keys to finding the baby

“We have shown that SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies are detectable in a newborn’s umbilical cord blood sample after a single dose of Moderna’s vaccine.. Therefore, there is the possibility of protection and reduction of the risk of infection from SARS-CoV-2 with maternal vaccination ”, explains the study.

At the moment The exact efficacy of vaccinating a pregnant woman in newborns is unknown. Nor is it known, in case of an incidence, what would be the ideal time to do it. More studies would have to be done to determine the amount of antibodies needed to protect a baby born to a woman who has not been infected before and has been vaccinated before delivery.

The University of Florida itself has asked other experts to make pregnancy and lactation records related to the coronavirus, as well as studies to determine the efficacy and safety of vaccines in women who will give birth in a short time.

There was already another similar case in November in Singapore

A Singaporean woman was infected with coronavirus in March 2020 while pregnant, and subsequently also gave birth to a baby with antibodies. In this case, the mother had not been vaccinated, and she had been infected.

This case has already made the World Health Organization consider whether it would be possible for a pregnant woman with coronavirus to transmit the virus to her baby or antibodies, as was the case. It is considered a strange case, something that does not usually occur, and that is still being investigated today.

An example that has already come to light to protect pregnant women is TDaP, a mixture of three vaccines against three diseases caused by bacteria: diphtheria, Bordetella pertussis and tetanus.

In the case of new mRNA vaccines, such as Moderna, they are considered to provide similar safety in the pregnant population, including the placental passage of protective antibodies.

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