A Truck loaded with 150 kilos of alleged Cocaine overturned in the San Joaquin River

A Truck loaded with 150 kilos of alleged Cocaine overturned in the San Joaquin River

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The inhabitants of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office were stunned when A white PickUp truck overturned on Río San Joaquín Avenue. However, what caught the attention of the incident It was the large amount of white powder that the vehicle gave off when crashing against the asphalt.

It was around 8:30 p.m. when the Mexico City Firefighters reported the incident through social networks. “In Avenida Río San Joaquín, Lomas de Sotelo neighborhood, in Miguel Hidalgo, there was a truck overturning, no injuries were reported,” they began to communicate.

They also added that the elements of salvation proceeded to turn over the white Hyundai brand unit with license plate number NYT-8991 that was resting on the awning. In this way, the traffic flow was prevented from being more affected by the incident.

The event did not go unnoticed by those who passed through the area and on social networks the images of the truck shrouded in white smoke began to go viral. According to various local media such as Millennium and the Broken Chair, the vehicle had a double bottom where the powder with characteristics similar to those of cocaine was found.

He even mentioned that the driver of the unit fled after the incident.

In the van 200 “partitions” of drugs were found, which would be equivalent to at least 150 kilos of drugs, reported The universal.

Faced with the fact,or a strong operation of the Secretariat of Citizen Security in which they would have participated at least 10 units of the institution. In total, the unit would have been guarded by more than 50 police officers who arrived at the scene.

Once the expert opinions were carried out, the vehicle was transferred to the Central Investigation Office for the Crime of Homicide of the Attorney General’s Office of Justice in the capital, located in the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office.

So far no arrests have been reported for the incident and the authorities have not issued an official statement on the matter. However, the images of the truck circulate among the network generating strong impressions.

Just in December 2020, another case was presented in which the authorities found large quantities of abandoned drugs in the Mexican capital. On that occasion the discovery took place at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) where 10 packages with illicit substances They were found in a trash can from the men’s room.

10 packages of cocaine were seized at the AICM (Photo: Twitter @ GN_MEXICO_)

10 packages of cocaine were seized at the AICM (Photo: Twitter @ GN_MEXICO_) 

The National Guard reported the event and detailed that after the counting and packaging of the packages, they were made available to the Attorney General’s Office so that the exact type and weight of the substance found could be determined.

This occurred when the GN elements were conducting inspections in the international arrival area, located in Terminal 2, where private security personnel and the General Administration of Customs were already present.

On the other hand, in that same month, the Secretariat of National Defense secured a plane with weapons and 350 kilos of drugs in the state of Campeche, which were made available to the authorities to be accounted for.

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