shooting in Bolivia

A shooting in Bolivia leaves four people dead and one injured

A shooting in the Amazon region of Beni left four people dead, two Brazilians, a Peruvian and a Bolivian, while the Police Bolivian investigate the causes of this fact.

The shooting took place on Friday night in the town of Santa Ana de Yacuma and in this situation the agents of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) arrived in the Movima area, where the incident occurred, according to information released this Saturday. in local media.

At the scene, they found three dead people and two gunshot wounded, who were taken to the Jacob Alburach hospital.

One of the wounded of Bolivian nationality died in the hospital leaving a total of four dead and one wounded, reported the Beni Police Commander, Marcelo Vaca to the newspaper El Deber.

Among those killed are two men aged 36 and 40, of Brazilian nationality, a 42-year-old man from Peru and a Bolivian, Vaca said.

The wounded man is Bolivian and is escorted by a police officer at the hospital.

It is presumed that those responsible for the shooting fled and that it was preliminarily a “settling of accounts,” Vaca told the media.

The Police are working to investigate and clarify the case that has caused distress in the population of Santa Ana de Yacuma, which does not want to provide information about what happened out of fear.

“The Beni Police are carrying out the corresponding procedures, collecting all the evidence that will help in the investigation of the case,” the Deputy Minister of Citizen Security, Roberto Ríos, told the media.

A home video was broadcast on social networks in which the shooting is heard in the middle of the night, while a woman who is not seen in the recording takes shelter by asking another person to “lock” the door.

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