A rear admiral assured that Venezuela will get rid of the revolution with or without the armed forces

A rear admiral assured that Venezuela will get rid of the revolution with or without the armed forces

The Venezuelan armed forces are going through serious problems with desertion and corruption

For Rear Admiral Daniel Comisso Urdaneta “the USSR and its armed forces have declared themselves together”, and he explains it with surprising clarity to draw a parallel with what is happening in the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), from which “we are already receiving sectors really affected, by the despicable dome of multi-sullied and corrupt militia leaders, the weak signs of discontent within the FANBhe says, pointing out what the Russian ideologue and politician Leon Trotsky said: “The army is a copy of society and suffers from its diseases”.

He clarifies that even if it is true, it should be read with the appropriate filter, “it is obvious that what happens there is no different from what the majority of citizens sufferand if it is different, it is for the worse, because the control and the threats on them are very close”.

“I’m not justifying, just sketching an approach through which one can imagine that when it is necessary, when some Cessna land or fly over the highway or Los Próceres or fly over the TSJ (Supreme Court of justice), let us be ready to give a strong response, under the leadership we have chosen, and tear down our Berlin wall, which has stolen the republic from us”.

He warns that “Crucial moments are coming, if they (the military) do not comply, then the Fatherland demands it from youbecause, as I said before, Venezuelan society, with or without its FANs, he will get rid of the treacherous revolutionary offspringit will cost much more and that cost will be passed on to those who have not done their job, and it will be with the full weight of the law and the moral force that has been achieved in recovering the lost Republic”.

Almost 36 years ago, a young German landed a small plane in Moscow's Red Square
Almost 36 years ago, a young German landed a small plane in Moscow’s Red Square

The Rear Admiral explains that “in the 1980s, the economic difficulties of the USSR forced Mikhail Gorbachev to initiate processes of political and economic change, such as perestroika and glasnost, whose reforms generated serious changes in the Soviet bloc which, in the end, led to the disintegration of the USSR itself.

Comisso considers that “since the beginning of this process, signs began to shine which deteriorated the prestige and the image of the Soviet armed forces before their society”.

He says that “in May 1987 there was a thunderous landing of a Cessna plane, in Moscow’s Red Square, the landing was perfect, the thunderous thing was the reaction of locals and foreigners to it”unusual and unexpectedevent which again revealed the serious shortcomings of the Soviet regime and of the security and air defense system that its armed forces should have activated (and I dare add the typical apathetic behavior of very demotivated and disappointed troops who “let go so that what is already unbearable inside is obvious)”.

After this event, “coupled with the aggravation of the political and economic crisis, they followed one another; the social reaction to bring down (not that it fell) the Berlin Wall in November 1989; the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in July 1991, the disintegration of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in December of the same year, the separation of the various republics of the Soviet bloc, and the process of reduction and withdrawal from USSR armed forces of these countries, between July 1992 and November 1995”.

Operational Strategic Commander, Domingo Hernández Lárez and Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López are the FANB's highest power
Operational Strategic Commander, Domingo Hernández Lárez and Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López are the FANB’s highest power

In the opinion of Rear Admiral Comisso, the causes that generated such disintegration were, mainly; “the deterioration of the economy of the USSR; the severe cuts in military spending and the decline of the military-industrial complex; the inability of the Soviet FA to various actions in the region frustrating the geopolitical objectives; the participation of the Soviet army in the suppression of demonstrations causing the death of citizens”.

“Finally, it was a process in which as the USSR crumbled, its armed forces were reduced, generating the massive withdrawal of their units, affecting both the military and their families. Go to the extreme by selling your own equipment to feed the troops and survive the crisis.

“All together, led to the inevitable consequence of operational deterioration and disqualification of specialized technical personnel, In all areas. Culminating in the repudiation of society and the total rejection of young citizens to join the armed forces.

He affirms that “any similarity with the Bolivarian Republic, its criminal regime and its revolutionary militias, is not fortuitous, it is the product of obvious coincidences between the two regimes, not viable by nature, and any other regime that follows the same totalitarian regime doctrines to lead to a country”.

“Currently, we have received confirmed information via social networks on how the revolutionary militias have fallen as much or lower than the Soviet forces, as well as the criminal regime compared to the USSR. However, we have also seen how civil society is reactivated in the fight against stigma, so it is once again the moment to build this force which will lead us, as I have said in previous reflections, to repeat the feat of 11 -A but determined not to give in.”

He immediately adds that “it is true that, at the door, we have an electoral event which is presented to us as the election of a candidate, but we must all know and be clear that it is not this side. It is about choosing a leadership that is ready to undertake the frontal fight against the criminal regime, both in the electoral field and in all the scenarios that may arise; elimination of elections, electoral fraud, reinforcement of the transnational criminal coalition to stay in power until the last consequences”.

Rear Admiral Daniel Comisso Urdaneta
Rear Admiral Daniel Comisso Urdaneta

Ask to understand that “the fight is to recover the lost republic of Venezuela, I never tire of repeating it. On 11-A 2002, for 36 hours, we succeeded in inflicting a deep wound on our “Berlin Wall”, we managed to make the FAN (National Armed Forces) minimize the deadly attack on the citizens” .

“The FAN, if there is anything left, will do what they can, despite all the evil indoctrination they have received. Among certain colonels and navy captains, lieutenant-colonels and frigate captains, majors and corvette captains, navy captains and lieutenants, frigate lieutenants and lieutenants, second lieutenants and lieutenants, non-commissioned officers and sergeants (even if they are technical officers), you must remain certain of the dignity of the FAN of Venezuela”.

He differentiates the FAN by saying that this “something” “the Cuban revolutionary militias have never had, since they have never been a real Armed Force at the service of a State and its institutions, and that they have always acted as mercenaries in the service of a despicable process and its leaders.” , trafficking its citizens as slaves around the world.

He assures that “this is the real difference and this is where we must concentrate our efforts. The Venezuelan FAN lineage must react, they must ignore any revolutionary oath and any leader who points in that direction.”

He ends by saying “so, let’s give the ultimate impetus for the definitive collapse of the Bolivarian Republic, its criminal regime and its revolutionary militias”.

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