protester dies in the anti-government protests in Lima

A protester dies in the anti-government protests in Lima

protester dies in the anti-government protests in Lima
Anti-government protests in Lima

An anti-government protester identified as Víctor Santisteban died this Saturday in Lima, after being injured in clashes with the Police, the Ombudsman’s Office reported, bringing the number of deaths to 65 since the start of the protests last December.

“We regret the death of Víctor Santisteban Yacsavilca in today’s violent demonstrations, the Grau Emergency Hospital guard headquarters coordinates with the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office for the proceedings in accordance with the law,” the Ombudsman wrote on his Twitter account.

The organization pointed out that it also carries out “monitoring of health care” at the “Guillermo Almenara” hospital in Lima for a seriously injured person, whom it identified as Taine Isidoro Bedon Maguiña.

“We are also in the hospitals that received injuries, as a result of the protests, to guarantee the right to health for all,” he remarked.

The Ombudsman’s Office indicated that its commissioners also verify “the correct health care of the injured police officers” who have been admitted to the National Police hospital.

During the night of this Saturday, when the violent clashes between protesters and the National Police broke out, the Ombudsman called on the protesters “to stop all forms of violence, such as throwing objects” at the Police “or damaging public or private property.”

“These are not ways to exercise the right to protest, they are crimes. We ask the Police to act within the strict framework of their constitutional and legal powers,” the agency remarked.

Hundreds of protesters clashed again this Saturday in the streets of the historic center of Lima with agents of the National Police, at whom they launched fireworks and blunt objects at the access to Abancay avenue, which leads to the Peruvian Congress, which was responded to. with tear gas shots.
Initially, local media showed that at least six officers were taken away injured in ambulances, while representatives of social organizations and activists reported on social networks that there were also at least two protesters injured by police action.

The clashes broke out after a large group of people once again walked the streets of the historic center of Lima to demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, the closure of Congress, advancement of general elections and the calling of a constituent assembly.
To date, according to data from the Ombudsman, there are already 47 people who participated in the protests who have died in clashes with the security forces, while a police officer died after being burned alive by protesters.

Added to these victims are 11 deaths in events related to roadblocks and one death that occurred in the northern region of La Libertad, confirmed by the Police.

Likewise, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Acnur) reported the death of four Haitians who could not receive medical assistance due to roadblocks, in addition to an unborn baby confirmed by Unicef, resulting in 64 deaths. for the protests since December 11, a number to which today’s fatality is added.

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