The Beechcraft 55 Baron aircraft, with the registration N55JX, took off from the city of Lancaster, Texas, and was destined for the North Airport

This Monday, October 4, Civil Protection (PC) of the federative entity of Nuevo León , in Mexico, reported the fall of an aircraft in the municipality of Vallecillo , near the Colorados de Arriba ejido.

“PC from Sabinas Hidalgo receives the call to report an aircraft crash . North Airport indicates that an aircraft has not reached its destination ”, published the agency on its Twitter account.

According to preliminary reports, the Beechcraft 55 Baron aircraft, with the registration N55JX, took off from the city of Lancaster, Texas , and was destined for the North Airport.

It was reported that the accident left a balance of two injured people : citizens Americans , a man of 33 years old and a woman of 26 years .

Miguel Ángel Perales Hernández , director of Civil Protection of Nuevo León, stated in an interview with the architect Héctor Benavides, for the Night News , that two people were traveling in the aircraft and that it caught fire after crashing.

“The fall of this aircraft is confirmed and later it catches fire in the place. There are two people who were manning this aircraft, who are being checked and who apparently only suffered a few blows , were able to get off the aircraft before it caught fire, “he said.

The exact moment of the fall of the helicopter where the Secretary of Government of Veracruz was traveling

Last Wednesday, August 25, an airplane accident was registered   in  Hidalgo . A  helicopter  from the Secretariat of the  Navy  ( Semar )  fell  in the municipality of Agua Blanca de Iturbide after taking off.

The trip had the objective of  transporting food  to the areas affected by Hurricane Grace in Veracruz  . In the unit was traveling Éric Patrocinio Cisneros Burgos,  Secretary of the Government  of Veracruz, who was only  wounded .

Local media reported that the  crash  occurred near a  sports unit  moments after the aircraft  took off . Military elements transferred the injured to the municipality of  Tulancingo  de Bravo to receive  medical attention .

Cuitláhuac García,  governor of Veracruz , reported that the MI-17 helicopter   of the naval institution tried to reach  “inaccessible points of the Sierra de la Huasteca baja” by air . The president confirmed that  there are no human losses  and that Cisneros Burgos contacted him to tell him that he is “stable and well.”

“Trying to reach inaccessible points of the Sierra de la Huasteca Baja by air, the Navy helicopter where the Secretary of Government, Éric Cisneros, was traveling, had a  mishap . He has called me to report that  even with injuries he is stable and well . There are no human losses, ”García published through his Twitter account.

It was through the 911 telephone number   that the fall was reported to the emergency services, according to a report by C5i (Control Center, Command, Communications, Computation, Coordination and Intelligence) of Hidalgo.

Civil Protection personnel   and municipal and state emergency bodies arrived at the site.

For his part, Cisneros thanked him on his Twitter account for the  solidarity  after the accident. “I appreciate the expressions of solidarity after the mishap of the Navy helicopter in which it was conducting  reconnaissance overflight in areas affected  by Hurricane Grace. Fortunately there were no human losses. We continue to help , even with minor injuries, ”he wrote.

According to information from Semar, the aircraft had a  failure during the landing maneuvers , which caused it to make an emergency landing  .

In the images and videos you can see how it  impacts against a minibus  that travels in the area. However, despite the blow, the public transport unit  continues on  its way.

At the time of the accident, Cisneros was flying, along with six other people, in the areas affected by  Grace , which last weekend entered the state as a category 3 hurricane.

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