‘A performance that was shameful’: Ruthless criticism of Messi after PSG triumph over Brest

‘A performance that was shameful’: Ruthless criticism of Messi after PSG triumph over Brest

Lionel Messi was again criticized in France after the PSG match (REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)

Lionel Messi is on everyone’s lips in France. This has been the case since he landed in the PSG fleeting after his abrupt departure from Barcelona. The same as after the title that the star of Rosario obtained with the Argentine team at the World Cup in Qatar after beating the local team in the final of the World Cup and in recent days with what has been the early elimination of the Parisian team from the Champions League.

After the defeat in Germany against Bayern MunichParis Saint Germain only has the tournament of League 1 as a competition until the end of the season. In order to maintain the difference at the top of the positions, the team of Christophe Galtier had to beat Brest as visitors and they only did so in the last minutes of the match thanks to a goal from Kylian Mbappe after an assist from Messi.

Although they were -once again- a factor in PSG’s victory, the criticism of the Argentinian was once again present in the French media. In this case, it was the newspaper The Parisian the one who made a rough analysis of the match of number 30 against one of the teams fighting to stay in the highest category of French football.

“A long embarrassing performance. That he no longer runs much, we already knew that. But to see him so physically beaten in simple impacts is more surprising.”, indicated the first part of the report of the French newspaper. Messi was rated 4 through writing.

“For a long time, we wondered if an intruder had slipped into her dress. The best thing is that he gave an assist at the end of the game, which enhanced a poor game”they added in Le Parisien about the performance of Leo, who played the entire match during the visit of PSG.

The Argentine star was key with an assist for Mbappé late in the game (REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)
The Argentine star was key with an assist for Mbappé late in the game (REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)

It must be remembered that Messi was at the center of criticism from the French media after the elimination against Bayern Munich. The gate France 24 He devoted a section to him in his analysis after the defeat against the Bavarian team for the Champions League: “Messi, invisible”, they headlined. In the process, they deepen their analysis: “The 35-year-old Argentinian, sevenfold Ballon d’Or, clearly lacked play, like a duel lost against Bayern’s German defensive midfielder, Leon Goretzka, annihilating a Parisian game.”

For his part, the one who approved the game of the captain of the world champion selected in the Middle East was The team. He marked Rosario’s performance against Brest with a 6 and underlined that he was active during the game. “He touched a lot of balls, went down low to reach his favorite area, but faced with the density of Brest, he also lacked inspiration. A shot too crossed (55º), another well placed that Bizot will seek (65º). A normal afternoon, saved by his last pass to Mbappé (90º)”, they explained.

As the duel was 1-1 and the end of the game was near, the Argentinian appeared near midfield to give Kylian Mbappé a fantastic assist. With his left foot, and without even stopping the ball, Leo unleashed a perfect pass for the run of his teammate, who escaped hand in hand from the central circle, left the goalkeeper on the way as he entered the box and defined without resistance to shout the second at a time of your team.

PSG have widened the gap at the top of Ligue 1 compared to their immediate rivals, the Olympic Marseille: he reached 66 points against the 55 of The Olympianswho will now face Racing Strasbourg to close the gap and maintain expectations for the end of the competition.

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