A married couple and their child die of coronavirus in the same week, after refusing the vaccine

A married couple and their child die of coronavirus in the same week, after refusing the vaccine

Francis Goncalves, a man from Wales, was devastated after three members of his family died in a week from the coronavirus. This happened days after they refused to receive the vaccine to fight that disease.

Goncalves, who is 43 years old and lives in Cardiff, told that his brother Shaul, 40, his father Basil, of 73 and his mother, charmagne, 65, began to feel sick from the past July 10th, a few days after eating together at Portugal, where they were. Two weeks after the onset of symptoms, they all died.

The relative of the three victims of the covid-19 assured the local Wales Online media that his parents and brother had refused to receive coronavirus vaccines because they were “scared by anti-vaccine misinformation” which they had accessed.

Now, with all the pain that he carries from the loss of his family members, Goncalves decided to tell the story so that people are not intimidated by conspiracy theories and always choose to get vaccinated.

According to this man, because of the reconstruction he did of what happened to his family, his father would have contracted covid-19 when he visited the hospital for kidney stones. This was the July 6th. Two days later, Basil and Charmagne were invited to dinner by their son Shaul in his department in Portugal.

Family tragedy

Soon after, the three of them began to feel bad. The parents of Francis and Shaul were hospitalized on 12th of July and two days later, their father was taken to intensive care.

The few news about their parents that Goncalves received from Portugal, came to him thanks to his brother Shaul. Meanwhile, the man was preparing his trip to the Portuguese country to go see his sick relatives.

But while Francis awaited the results of his test of PCR in order to start the trip, he received a call from his brother’s girlfriend informing him that Shaul had been rushed to the hospital. This was on July 17th.

A few hours later, the man received the news that his brother Shaul, “the healthiest person I knew,” had died in the early morning of the day after his hospitalization.

Francis told the aforementioned Welshman that his brother “was exercising all day in the gym, or running, or going for a walk”. He added that he had not had a drink in 15 years and was on a diet. “Plant-based whole foods”.

The man assured that he believed that a vaccine would have saved the life of his brother Shaul.

But there it did not end the tragedy of this family. Three days after the death of his brother, Francis received another call from Portugal. They warned him that his father had also passed away.

The next day, July 21, Francis finally came to Portugal and he was able to see his mother. Wearing full protective gear, the man was able to enter the ICU and see Charmagne, who was in an induced coma.

The woman, who had an autoimmune disease, died July 24.

“Wrapped in anti-vaccine propaganda”

Francis Goncalves had to bury his parents and his brother in a Lisbon cemetery called São João, in a specific section to bury Covid-19 victims. “They told me that in the entire pandemic they had never carried three bodies together from the same family,” said Goncalves.

Francis admitted that talking about what had happened to his dearest ones in such a short time, it was extremely painful and difficult for him, but he wanted to share hisr ordeal so that others become aware of the importance of being vaccinated against the coronavirus. He pointed out that people do not have to be afraid of inoculation, as did his family.

“They got involved in a lot of anti-vaccine propaganda that circulates everywhere. Propagandists take advantage of people who are afraid and who fall into the trap”, Goncalves explained.

“The message I want to convey is why would the government want to hurt the population by giving them a vaccine? What would be the purpose of this? many people are terrified of the vaccine and it costs lives”, finally warned Goncalves.

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