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A Japanese minister sows doubts about the Games: “The IOC has to think of a Plan B”

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A member of the Government of Japan on Thursday sowed the first official doubts about the celebration of the Tokyo Olympic Games this coming summer, because of a situation that “is not easy” due to the rebound in the coronavirus, even asking the International Olympic Committee to go “thinking of a Plan B and C”.

“We need to do as much as possible to prepare for the Games, but anything can happen,” said Taro Kono., Minister of Administration and Reform, at the Reuters Next conference, with the Tokyo region in a state of alarm over the virus.

With six months to go until the big date of sport, the increase in cases around the world, including Japan, is ravaging all sports competitions. Thus, the Tokyo 2020 Games appear on the horizon, postponed last year due to the pandemic, with the first doubts of the Japanese Government about whether they can be held.

“Anything can happen, but as hosts of the Games we need to do everything in our power to have a good Olympic Games if all goes well.”said the minister, who opened the door to uncertainty about the management of such a global event, again pending the evolution of infections.

“The Olympic Committee has to think about a Plan B and C, the situation is not easy,” he added. Meanwhile, last week the organizers of the Olympic Games affirmed that they will be ready to host the Olympic event despite the fact that Tokyo has declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19.

Melissa Galbraith
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