A Couple loses 210 million euros in Euromillions by not stamping the Coupon

A Couple loses 210 million euros in Euromillions by not stamping the Coupon

Every week, tens of thousands of people decide to bet on luck in search of what fortune accompany you to become millionaires. Among the many games of chance, one of the most popular is the Euromillions, which is played in various European countries.

One of the common options when choosing numbers is to always choose the same, entrusting everything to a series of figures that accompany us for much of our lives.

Because imagine if one day we stop playing them and play. However, it is worse to bet on those numbers, do not validate the ticket, and that touch! This is what happened to a British couple, who saw how up to 210 million euros got out of hand with some numbers that they had been using for the last month.

Liam McCrohan and Rachel Kennedy, 21 and 19 respectively, they play the numbers in the usual way 06, 12, 22, 29 and 33, in addition to 06 and 11 in the stars.

Just those who came out in the draw on February 26. However, they were left with the honey on their lips due to a failure to make the payment. When they went to make the bet, on the internet, the action was not completed because Rachel’s account, in which the payment was processed each week, he had run out of money.

The young woman was the first to realize that the numbers matched and the joy, as expected, was tremendous. He called his partner and his mother to let them know.

But when they called the organization, they were faced with the harsh reality: the ticket was not valid as the bet payment was not made. “When your girl decides do not play Euromillions and the 7 usual numbers appear,” Lian shared on social media.

Change of numbers

After the fatal mistake, the young couple has confirmed in The Sun that they will not bet on the same “numbers again in future draws. We will not use those numbers again. He had never won anything, we are very unlucky in these things. I felt On top of the world when I thought we won.” Rachel said.

She admits that she had already found how to use the money. “I already had it in my head the house and the car of my dreams And although I admit that I was getting ahead of myself, when you see the bet and you see your numbers, it can’t be helped“.

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