The fighter plane crashed into a residential area in Hubei province

At least one dead and two wounded when a Chinese Army fighter crashed in Hubei province during training exercises. The J-7 fighter plane hit a residential area in the Chinese city of Laohekou (Hubei province, center).

According to Chinese media. the pilot of the fighter parachuted just before the mishap while trying to control the aircraft until the last moment and suffered minor injuries when he landed nearby.

Rescue teams went to the scene of the incident to deal with the fires caused in the houses surrounding the accident. The cause of the crash is being investigated and the injured have been hospitalized.

Some citizens shared through social networks the news that a plane fell on a house causing a large explosion, accompanying their comments with videos of the residence on fire. The accident occurred in the vicinity of the Laohekou military airport, from where the fighter took off to carry out training exercises.

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