A CDMX minibus driver ran over a man for asking for alms

A CDMX minibus driver ran over a man for asking for alms


A CCTV camera captured the moment a suspected beggar was run over by a public transport unit in the mayor’s office in Magdalena Contreras, south of Mexico City.

According to data from the video, with a duration of 01:21 minutes, the incident occurred on the night of March 9, at 11:53 p.m., on a street in the Las Cruces neighborhood.

Footage shows how the subject fell from the door of the moving truck causing one of the tires to go over one of his legs, snagging and dragging him for several feet.

Realizing what had happened, the driver backed up to unhook the member. A few seconds later, we observe how a woman and a man approach the injured person, argue and pull him away from the tire.

However, far from helping him, they leave the plane and you can see how the truck starts and escapes from the place, so it is believed that both of them were on the minivan.

According to journalist Abraham Mojica, from the Reporte Nocturno portal, the tragedy happened because the driver was unhappy that the victim had asked for money, so his assistant pushed him out of the unit.

Although the driver is a fugitive and has not been identified, the truck’s license plates are known to be 042-0027 of Route 42, which runs from El Capulín to San Ángel. The CDMX Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of Citizen Security are looking for him.

For his part, the 28-year-old victim was taken care of by the emergency services, which stabilized him and took him to a hospital in serious condition. Seven days after the event, he is still hospitalized.

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