A British general has claimed that Vladimir Putin could use the atomic bomb and that this is “likely” to happen soon.

Richard Barrons has warned that Russia’s president could use nuclear weapons if he sees his troops defeated in Ukraine.

This statement comes after the Russian leader stated that in no case should a nuclear war be started, since there would be no “winner” of it.

Barrons, now retired, wrote in the Sunday Times: “It would be the first use of nuclear weapons in 77 years, breaking a huge taboo, but it is not inconceivable to the Russians if the end is justified from their perspective.”

The former military man also advised Europe and its allies to consider this option, which according to him is very “likely”.

He added: “A broader Ukrainian offensive and mobilization, expected as soon as next spring, could lead to successes on the battlefield and the liberation of lands seized by Russia, but could create more risks.”

And he concluded: “If Putin feels defeat, will he be tempted to use tactical nukes to change reality on the battlefield?”

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