The video went viral on social media. (TikTok: @grandadjoe1933)

And 89 year old grandfather organized a appointment after more than three decades and the man shared his preparation process for the meeting on TikTok. The video went viral but in the evening it didn’t end in the best way and users reacted.

in the video of Joe Allingtonknown on Chinese social media as @grandajoe1933, the man is excited about his first outing with a woman in 30 years, so he has prepared in detail: he has dressed very neatly and carefully styled to appear at the rendezvous.

Once ready, the old man went to the restaurant to meet the woman who was coordinating, but they put him on his feet after waiting about an hour sitting with an expression of defeat.

An 89-year-old man had a ciya after more than 30 years. (TikTok: @grandajoe1933)

“Well, that was fun,” he quipped of the failed reunion that went viral on social media. In this sense, the clip has more than a million views and thousands of likes.

“I waited an hour, she didn’t come, so I ate alone.said the man, who lost his wife 14 years ago, in 2009, according to the BBC. Since then, he has lived with his daughter and her family.

“Some people are inconsiderate. Have a nice trip, you deserve someone nice”, “Who would let such a nice man wait in a restaurant? I hope you’re not sad”, “Maybe she has forgot” and “No I hope it wasn’t to be mean on purpose, maybe they had an emergency? are some of the posts from users in the comments section.

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