An eight-year-old boy has died after inhaling helium from one of the balloons that was used to decorate his birthday party. The little boy, who suffered from autism, was found unconscious on the floor of his room, in Ireland.

Hilary McSweeney mother of the minor, stated that her son suffered fatal brain injuries induced by helio after placing on his head a balloon that he had bought for his party number 8, just a week before the tragedy, assures The Mirror.

According to the media, the boy died while being treated by doctors at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

The little boy’s mom Luke Ramone Harper he was concerned when one afternoon she called him down to dinner with his sister at her home in Dublin; however, the minor did not respond.

Luke, who had also been diagnosed with ADHD, was playing alone in his room and watching YouTube videos.

When she opened the door, she found her son face down, unconscious and with the number 8 balloon above his head.

McSweeney he said the balloon had been floating in the living room for the past week after his birthday party and was partially deflated.

She quickly removed the object from his head and took him to the garden to get some fresh air, while she called the emergency service.

Already in the hospital, the doctors told him that he had suffered a cardiac arrest. “It was obvious that his brain was badly damaged and he was on life support,” he recalled. McSweeney.

“I knew Luke was dead at the time and the machine was keeping him alive.”

The next day, the doctors pointed out that it was best to say goodbye to the little boy, before it was too late.

She recounted how she lay in her son’s bed with her favorite blanket and teddy bear and surrounded by her family when he passed away.

“I felt numb, heartbroken and in pain you can’t imagine,” he said during a court investigation.

Cróna Gallagher, forensic doctor, pointed out that Luke would have suffered rapid and severe brain damage in what was “an insurmountable injury”.

“Luke likely lost consciousness very quickly after inhaling the helium, as there was no evidence that he attempted to remove the balloon from his head or seek help from others.”he pointed.

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