During the morning of this Thursday, August 25, a group of 500 elements belonging to the National Guard (GN) of Mexico, arrived in the city of Tijuana with the purpose of increasing the presence of the armed forces in the region.

Upon arrival, the agents immediately began their patrol and special operations tasks indicated by the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) in support of the fight against organized crime.

According to the coordinator of the Baja California National Guard, Enrique Martínez, the priority of this increase in the municipal security forces is made with the purpose of reducing the incidence of crime.

Although the troops come from different states of the country, most of the elements come from the forces of the Oaxaca government.
It is worth mentioning that during this year 2022, 1,257 intentional homicides have been reported in Tijuana, of which 154 correspond until August 24.

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