On September 6, 1997, the funeral of Diana Frances Spencer, better known as the Princess of Wales or Lady Di, was held. After her tragic death, thousands of people left letters, flowers and offerings at Kensington Palace to show her love. This ceremony was surrounded by questions from society to the royal family, who initially refused to pay him a tribute of a popular nature.

Diana was a British activist and philanthropist, who surpassed her role as an aristocrat and member of the English crown. Thanks to her charitable work, her personality led her to be one of the most beloved women in the world.

The death of Princess Diana

On August 31, 1997, Diana died in a car accident in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. The tragic event occurred in the midst of a persecution by the paparazzi.

Along with Diana, her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver, Henri Paul, died. The only survivor was Trevor Rees-Jones. The news immediately echoed around the world, causing days of mourning, especially for the British people.

A unique burial for a unique person

Initially, the British crown refused to grant a state funeral. However, the constant demand and pressure of the people, through displays of affection for Lady Di, caused a change of heart.

State funerals were intended only for rulers or members of the Royal House, of which Diana was no longer part of having divorced Prince Charles. In this way, 24 hours after her death, a new regulation was created to honor her. The term was defined as “a unique burial for a unique person.” A day before the ceremony, on September 5, Queen Elizabeth II dedicated a live television broadcast to remember Diana.

The funeral of Diana of Wales

On September 6, 1997, her funeral was held at Westminster Abbey. This date was declared a day of national mourning and began at Kensington Palace, where a vigil had been held the night before. The coffin was covered by the royal flag and three bouquets of flowers, by her mother, her children and her brothers.

He was transferred to the Abbey by means of a royal carriage. Due to the demand of the public present, the queen decided to extend the route of the funeral procession so that more people can see it. During the ceremony, her children walked in the funeral procession, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, Diana’s brother and representatives of charities who sympathized with Lady Di.

“I will regret it for the rest of my life”: the last telephone conversation between Lady Di and her children that still worries them

One of the peculiarities of this day was the participation of Elton John, close friend of Spencer. In it, he performed a new version of “Candle in the wind”, rewritten to honor her. This song was released the same year and all profits made were donated to charity.

The burial took place privately, with the participation of Diana’s family, on an island where a Spencer family home is located. The coffin was accompanied by the 2nd Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. The reason for her burial in a private place was given so that her children, William and Harry, could visit her without being harassed by the paparazzi or the public.

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