An explosion at three mines in Sutatausa (Cundinamarca) left two people trapped in a sinkhole. (Governorate of Cundinamarca)

On the night of Tuesday March 14 Emergency agencies were working to rescue 21 workers who were trapped at three mines in Sutatausa Municipality, northeast of Cundinamarca, where a loud bang occurred.

“@RCUNDINAMARCA report three mines explosion in Sutatausa. So far we have information about two people stuck in the mine. Seven minors have already escaped. Given the magnitude, we have activated a support team made up of firefighters from Cogua, Gachancipá and Chocontá (sic)”, affirmed the governor of Cundinamarca, Nicolás García.

The department chairman added that a unified command post (PMU) was set up at the scene of the accident in order to deal with the situation.

“At this hour, The PMU has already been installed, and from the Dptal risk management system we have activated the @GrupoPONALSAR, firefighters and ambulances. Thanks to the CRUE, the personal mine rescue zone of @ANMColombia (sic) is in the area,” he said.

However, around midnight, Captain Álvaro Farfán, delegate of the Cundinamarca fire department, explained that 21 workers were trapped.

“(The incident happened) exactly in the village of El Cajón, this due to the explosion of five mines dedicated to the production of mining coal. Thus, we initially have the balance of seven people are saved alive, four of whom are sent to care centres. We have the report from the AINSA company of 21 minors who are currently trapped in a distributed way,” he said.

It is necessary beforehand There are five people in the electric mine, two in the Hoyos mine, four in the Chocos mine, eight in the Golondrinas mine and two people in the Llanadas mine.

He added that at the time They coordinate with the rest of the emergency agencies to be able to rescue the workers that remain in the tunnels.

“We continue from the PMU in all the articulation processes and through the coordination of the specialized mine rescue group to be able to carry out all the actions and to be able to rescue these people who are currently trapped in the mine as soon as possible,” he said.

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