Will some iOS apps not be installable on M1 Macs in the future? Clue to Big Sur’s latest beta-Engadget Japan

Will some iOS apps not be installable on M1 Macs in the future? Clue to Big Sur’s latest beta-Engadget Japan

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On Macs with the Apple Silicon “M1” chip, there are ways to run iOS apps that can’t be viewed or downloaded in the Mac App Store. However, the latest beta of macOS Big Sur for developers has reportedly revealed that it may block the behavior of iOS apps that are not officially supported in the future.

Apple released beta 2 of iOS 14.4 and macOS Big Sur 11.2 for developers on the 13th (US local time). As soon as the US 9to5Mac reports that it has found a new system that prevents some iOS apps from running on the Mac from the internal code common to these two. Of course, it doesn’t affect the apps that are officially available on the Mac App Store.

While Apple claims that apps for the iPhone and iPad will also work on the M1 Mac, it is rumored to allow app developers the freedom to choose whether or not to offer apps on the Mac App Store. The apps that have been made private there are not available from the App Store, but after backing up the apps from iPhone or iPad to Mac with “IPA” format files, sideloading to Mac (installing without going through the official app store) ) A loophole has been found. In fact, there are many reports that iOS apps such as Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook worked on the M1 Mac.

By the way, the code found by 9to5Mac is related to the API that manages DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection of the OS. An error message stating “This application cannot be installed because the developer did not plan to run it on this platform” has also been unearthed, and at least Apple is considering it.

However, at least as of macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta 2, this code is not enabled and iOS apps that are not supported on the M1 Mac can be sideloaded.

Apple allows app developers to choose between public and private, computers originally designed for touch screens or designed for smaller screens, but with a mouse and keyboard for wide displays. It is presumed that it is not optimized for and it is not known what kind of trouble will occur (or the application for macOS is also open and to prevent co-eating).

Anyway, it’s unclear when the sideload will be officially sealed, so it’s a good idea to try at your own risk what your favorite iOS app will look like on your M1 Mac. maybe.

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