‘Wild Thyme Mountain’ star Jamie Dornan says he shares a ‘lack of confidence’ with his alter ego

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Talk about changing your colors.

Jamie Dornan played the billion-dollar-rich BDSM-loving wealthy Christian Gray, who created the “Fifty Shades” film franchise based on the best-selling books.

But the 38-year-old actor says he identifies more with his quirky, shy character from his new film “Wild Lime Mountain”.

“What do i share [the character Anthony] I would say that there is probably a lack of confidence and not overall self-confidence. I understand that part of it, ”he told Globe Live Media promoting the film.

Dornan is Irish and the film is shot in his home country where the star was rested.


“I also had an idea to grow up [in Ireland] That there was more. I never felt like it was about Ireland, but I am such a proud Irishman and I love it. I love the land. I love going home. But I always felt that there was more to those waters.

Doron shares the screen with Emily Blunt, Christopher Walken and John Hamm. The film was written and directed by Oscar winner John Patrick Shenley.

Jamie Dornan (L) and Emily Blunt (R) in a scene from 'Wild Mountain Thyme'.

Jamie Dornan (L) and Emily Blunt (R) in a scene from ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’.
(Carey Brown / Biliker Street via Globe Live Media)

Blunt told Globe Live Media that she is constantly looking into the challenge of her acting by working in various roles.

Christopher Walcken stated that he was ever connected to a phone phone or computer

“I love all this mixed bag and try not to pigeonhole myself and carve out new places for myself, to have some fun and play someone new,” she explained. “It’s quite a conscious decision between jobs not to try to repeat it. It’s always been something I’ve been very aware of and enjoyed about the job. I’ve been very lucky not to pigeonhole it Given the opportunity to be. “

As for working with the great Christopher Walken, both Blunt and Dornan called him kind and generous but it was Shenley whose story was the best.

John Hamm (L) Jamie Dornan (C) and Christopher Walken (R) in a scene from 'Wild Thyme'.

John Hamm (L) Jamie Dornan (C) and Christopher Walken (R) in a scene from ‘Wild Thyme’.
(Carey Brown / Biliker Street via Globe Live Media)

“He had never been to Ireland and would spend all his time when he was just looking out of his window at a cow to see what the cow was doing and then he would tell stories about the cow, weird little stories,” he said. Revealed

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“Wild Mountain Thyme” is currently available in theaters and is available to stream on various digital platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play.

Globe Live Media’ Ashley Dworkin contributed to this report.

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