Who influenced Kate Middleton's style? Royal Expert Answers

Who influenced Kate Middleton’s style? Royal Expert Answers

Who influenced Kate Middleton’s style: the answer of the royal expert

Royal expert Elizabeth Holmes told who influenced Kate Middleton’s fashion taste. She said that after the birth of her third child, Prince William’s wife significantly reviewed her wardrobe through Megan Markle.

About who significantly influenced the style of Kate Middleton, reports UsWeekly. Royal expert Elizabeth Holmes believes that the style of Prince William’s wife was significantly influenced by Megan Markle.

It is noted that Kate Middleton reviewed her wardrobe and became more interested in fashion experiments in the fall of 2018, after the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. In addition, she gave birth to Prince Louis and went on maternity leave for several months. And she returned with trendy images and outfits.

Catherine got in shape after the birth of a child and started working with new fashion consultants. And Megan’s appearance on stage made everything more exciting for both of them. And I like that Kate seems to be more active,

– said Elizabeth Holmes.

But it wasn’t just Megan who influenced Kate Middleton. The expert noted that both women followed in the footsteps of their late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. However, at first she did not have good taste. In particular, Holmes told about Lady Dee’s wedding dress – lush and with lace, which would not be worn by any girl with a sense of style at the time.

But later, Princess Diana began to dress completely differently. “The more Diana immersed herself in the royal life, the work she did, the more she understood what image she wanted to create. After the divorce, she took her clothes more seriously. I’m sure that if she remarried, her wedding dress would be completely a different kind,” said Elizabeth Holmes.