Who forms Joe Biden's close family? Know here

Who forms Joe Biden’s close family? Know here

Who forms Joe Biden’s close family? Know here

FAMILY- Family is always very important to an American head of state. And Joe Biden, newly elected, is no exception to this rule. The base of the new president is certainly family, starting with his wife Jill, with unconditional support.

On the grandstand Saturday evening in Wilmington, Delaware (United States), they are all there, in tight rows: the Biden clan, in full force. In the first place, there is his wife Jill, who has been totally involved in her husband’s campaign, from the primary. The Democratic candidate had thus gotten into the habit of presenting himself as ” Jill Biden’s husband “. And it’s more than just a formula. It must be said that with his second wife, the relationship is fusional. “I wouldn’t be here without his love and unconditional support,” he said, moved.

Omnipresent during the campaign, this 69-year-old teacher intends to continue her courses at the university. The public school will also find in it a weighty ally. “Joe is going to listen to you. And I think that’s essential. We teachers are finally going to be heard,” she confirmed. A leading woman, but also protective, the next “First Lady” had not hesitated, despite her slim figure, to repel a protester who approached her husband during a meeting in Los Angeles last March.

Jill met Joe Biden in 1975. The then young senator from Delaware lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident two years earlier. Still small, his two surviving sons, Beau and Hunter, had themselves suggested to their father to marry Jill, Joe Biden recounted in memoirs, where he wrote: “She gave me back my life” . And it is together that they will face a second test twenty years later when Beau, promised to a national destiny, is killed by cancer at the age of 46.

Trials that shaped an empathetic man: “We are inspired by what Beau would have wanted for us, if he was there. I swear to God, that’s what we try to do with my wife, my daughter, my son, my five grandchildren,” recalls the new tenant of the White House, whose children were very present during the campaign. There is first Hunter, the infant terrible, and then Ashley, born in 1981, brilliant and very committed in the social field.

Barack Obama, strong support

As for the political clan, it has strong support. This is Barack Obama who put him back in the saddle by appointing him vice-president in 2009. “He’s the best vice-president we’ve had,” he said. Joe Biden also relies on his lifelong accomplice Ted Kaufman, 81, at the helm of the transition team. A loyalty bonus, even if the base of the new president is certainly family.