White House press secretary says sensationalism drives too many journalists

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White House press secretary Kayle McKenney, a frequent target of criticism from the news media, says some journalists working with her are “inspired by sensationalism.”

Others, she admitted in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation published on Friday, were “unreliable” and “still do journalism work”, but McInnie says they are “few and far between.”

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“I stand what I said that I don’t call activists,” McKenney said. “Activists are people who shout at you because you leave the room in a way that is disrespectful and degrading.”

McInney gave the example of “Playboy journalists”, possibly in reference to Brian Kareem, who repeatedly questioned the press secretary during November 20, when President Trump admitted he would lose his bid for a second term.

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On 20 November, CNN White House correspondent Katlan Collins tweeted that McInnie had simply called him an activist.

“It makes sense why someone hasn’t done their job – questioning reporters – in the weeks someone else would confuse their work with activism,” Collins said.

McEnany said the shout is something “conservative women have to deal with standing on the podium,” while a liberal woman “never has to deal with that kind of hacking.”

KAYLEIGH MCENANY says that in collaboration with CNN and Anderson are working for many people who lived in the brooming room

“No woman should ever have to deal with standing on the podium,” she said, “but it’s very interesting to see that activists have now become even more motivated by activism in the wake of the election.”

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