“We are now together”: Pandora celebrates the recovery of Fernanda Meade, who tested positive for COVID-19

The "Pandora" They were also affected by COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @pandora)
The “Pandora” were also affected by COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @pandora)

Musical group Pandora also had its close confrontation with SARS-CoV-2, after Fernanda meade announce that recovered from COVID-19. The group was among the first to try to return to its activities, although through collaborations in digital platforms in the stage with the controlled loss of contagion of the disease.

The other members of the group, Isabel and Mayte Lascurain, they were the ones who made the news known after they had to suspend the new show that they were promoting, called “Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar”, one of their new singles with which they returned to the activity after spending a long time in confinement.

It was through the Instagram account in which the musical group announced that Meade already tested negative to the new COVID-19 tests and that she is already with her companions to continue promoting her new single. So says the comment:

We are already together. We’re happy. Fernanda is already super good. Thank God

It was on December 9 when it was announced that Fernanda Meade had tested positive for COVID-19, so she stayed home for two weeks to avoid infecting other people, Fernanda Meade herself had made a photo public where he was seen taking a sample to detect the disease. As reported by the Lascurain sisters, his partner had mild symptoms and did not need to go to a hospital for treatment, although they did state that he felt very weak.

Fernanda Meade is already recovered from COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @fernandameade)
Fernanda Meade is already recovered from COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @fernandameade)

When Fernanda’s positive was reported, Isabel Lascurain gave the following message to the media:

He tested positive and obviously for medical indications he must comply with this isolation, especially since he is going through the most difficult days of the virus. Fortunately, she is at home, it has not been necessary for her to be transferred to a hospital. The poor thing (Fernanda) has not even had the strength to think, she does feel very weak and we are aware of how she is evolving. The best thing is that it has the vibe and the spirit to be positive in this that has come to change our lives

Isabel Lascurain went through a bad time recently because she announced that she would separate from her husband after 22 years of marriage (Photo: Instagram @isabellascurain)
Isabel Lascurain went through a bad time recently because she announced that she would separate from her husband after 22 years of marriage (Photo: Instagram @isabellascurain)

Who also contributed a message of understanding to the situation was Mayte, who assured that this is a message so that both artists and the general population do not lower their hands or guard against the disease and made a call to respect the security measures and the recommendations that the health authorities have given to minimize the risk of contracting the virus:

What is happening to us must be taken as a reinforcement for what the authorities continue to ask of us, we must not stop taking care of ourselves. Dates are coming when we will want to be with the family but we must prioritize health, our own and that of all those we love

The group comes from going through a bad time, specifically Isabel, who has just separated from her husband after almost 20 years together, both reached a common agreement to maintain a good relationship, however both had not had the time to live together constantly because due to the amount of trips that the singer required to make, in many moments she remained absent.

In fact, Isabel had come to argue that the musical group affected key plans in her life such as adopting a child, which could not be due to the large amount of time that Pandora occupied her, so they both decided not to pursue that idea anymore, which apparently left them very marked.


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