“We are not going to bend”: Enrique Alfaro’s emotional tribute to Aristóteles Sandoval, murdered in Puerto Vallarta

Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval for the last time in the Government Palace of Jalisco (Photo: Screenshot)
Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval for the last time in the Government Palace of Jalisco (Photo: Screenshot)

Jorge Aristotle Sandoval he has stayed halfway. The emblematic former governor of Jalisco, who had the dream of making the Guadalajara entity grow, was killed on Friday by a bullet, in the bathroom of a bar in the tourist area of Vallarta Port.

The news of his loss has been received by his relatives and politicians of the entity with great regret.

This Saturday dozens of people paid tribute to Sandoval at the Government Palace of Jalisco. The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, accompanied by municipal representatives have participated in the event at the end of which, which has concluded with a wreath and applause, the state president said: “we are not going to bend.”

Natural of Guadalajara (west of Mexico), Aristotle Sandoval He had a law degree from the University of that city and a master’s degree in Politics and public management from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Studies.

He was a member of the tricolor party from a very young age. Before his position as governor of the entity, Sandoval held the municipal presidency of his hometown (from 2009 to 2012).

From October 2019 to October of this year he served as secretary of Innovation and Digital Participation of the National Executive Committee of the PRI, but he resigned from the latter position, noting that the party where he was located continued to engage in “past practices.”


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