Vettel, Hulkenberg weren’t 2021 F1 options for Red Bull

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With Red Bull weighing his options from the middle of the season and whether to stay with Alex Albon or look elsewhere, both Wittell and Hulkenberg were paired with the Milton Keynes-based outfit.

Finally speaking after signing Sergio Perez as Max Verstappen’s team for 2021, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner stated that the Mexican was the only driver he saw properly.

Asked whether anyone else was seriously evaluated amid rumors of Wittel earlier this year – Horner said: “No. There was no other.

There was a brief discussion with Nico Hulkenberg. But it’s really faster than last month, I’d say

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Red Bull relied on “feelings over fact” in the Albon decision, with Perez form making him “impossible” for Red Bull, Verstappen hoped Perez could make it easier to fight Mercedes Hamilton: Perez’s arrival to Red Bull Makes more strong.

Horner said it was Red Bull’s pure luck that a top driver like Perez was a free agent at the same time as he was looking for the best candidate.

“It’s remarkable and, I mean, the circumstances are a little crazy, aren’t they?” he said. “Nico Hulkenberg is another capable driver who should really get a seat in F1.

“But it was our privilege to [Perez] He didn’t have a seat and he allowed us time, without him there was no other option to pursue as a race seat, to complete the season with Alex before deciding. “

While Red Bull has a young driver program, Horner said the team had to make a practical choice about what it best suited when it felt that no juniors were yet ready for a top-line F1 chance was not.

“There was no candidate on the junior program that was suitable,” Horner said. “So we decided to go out of the program for the first time after 2007.

This year it was impossible to ignore Sergio’s performance. I think he has run a great campaign. He has been really impressive, especially in the second half of the season, and has earned a seat.

“We want to field the strongest team for Mercedes, and you want to do the same with both cars. I think Sergio has got the necessary experience, plus a wealth of knowledge for the team and I think That will be a good companion for Max next year. ”

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