Utah approaches record high in police-involved shootings

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This week’s shooting by a Salt Lake City police is the 30th incident of its kind in the state in 2020 – according to a report, one of the highest totals in recent years in Utah.

Agents of Utah’s State Bureau of Investigation shot a drug suspect in the Rose Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City at around 3 a.m. Thursday afternoon. The state Department of Public Safety said in a press release that hours earlier, they saw her involved in “alleged intoxicating activity” and realized she had several outstanding warrants.

Later, after taking the suspect to the spot in his Mercedes SUV, agents chased him until “some sort of exchange” signaled the officers to shoot at him, police said.

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Still, driving, the suspect cares in a FedEx delivery truck before coming to a stop, police said. The FedEx driver was not injured.

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The suspect suffered non-fatal injuries, police said, including a “serious” wound from the bullet, a DPS spokesman told The Salt Lake Tribune. His identity was not released.

He was detained and treated at a local hospital. Officials said there is police body camera footage of the shooting.

According to the Tribune, Thursday’s incident marked the 30th police-involved shooting in the state this year – the highest number since Utah has reached 2018. There were 16 police-firing in 2019, the report said.

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For fatal police shootings, the highest number was 19 in 2018, the Tribune reported. This year, with 17, was the second most fatal police-firing; In 2019, 12 people were shot by the police.

A spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety did not immediately respond to Globe Live Media’ request.

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