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USA : With the Transition in Limbo, a Republican Majority Still Mistrusts the Election

President Donald Trump’s offensive against scrutiny in the presidential election has so far had little success in the United States courts, and everything indicates that it will leave the final outcome of the count unscathed, and Joe Biden will assume the presidency next January 20. But the constant attacks and unsubstantiated accusations of fraud or massive wrongdoing by Trump already had a clear effect: Most Republicans believe that Biden stole the election, and they do not know the legitimacy of his victory.

52% of Republicans believe that the legitimate winner of the presidential election was Trump, and not Biden , according to a poll by Ipsos and Reuters, and only 29% believed that the Democrat legitimately prevailed. The vast majority believe the election was “rigged.” That same reality had emerged a few days ago from another poll, by The Economist and YouGov, which revealed that 86% of Trump voters believed that Biden’s triumph lacked legitimacy , and eight out of ten supporters of the tycoon believed that He must not admit defeat.

The deep mistrust of a portion of the electorate regarding the presidential election persists even when federal officials, and state and local electoral authorities have said that the election was fair, clean, safe, and almost a dozen states have already certified the results while the rest is on track to do so in the coming weeks. And it’s a scenario that can pose a strong challenge to Biden’s governance.

“This was a rigged election. No Republican Observers were allowed at the polls, voting machine glitches everywhere (meaning they got caught cheating!), Votes after the election was over, and much more. ! “Trump tweeted today, on another day in which he remained locked in the White House, without an official agenda, tweeting false accusations about the elections.

The mogul’s lawyers’ offensive in court in five states where Biden prevailed by a narrow margin – Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan – has so far failed to reverse a result, or to reveal an attempted fraud or massive irregularities that could put into question the legitimacy of the vote, or the result of the vote count. Two counts advance along with that offensive. In Wisconsin, the campaign called for a recount of the votes in just two counties, Milwaukee and Dane, where Biden won a large majority and where, according to the campaign, “the worst irregularities” occurred. The campaign cited “illegally altered ballots,” “illegally cast absentee ballots,” and “illegal tips” to voters.

Georgia finished her own hand count today. The latest official data before press time had Biden 12,781 votes ahead of Trump, who cut the Democrat’s lead by more than 1,000 votes after authorities found nearly 2,800 votes that had not been counted. Nearly five million people voted this year in Georgia.

The Trump campaign has so far also failed to present substantial evidence to try to reverse the defeats in court, or to back up the president’s allegations. Still, Trump, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and their allies in the press and in the Republican Party insist that the election was fraudulent and Trump will eventually be declared the winner.Meanwhile, Biden and his future vice president, Kamala Harris, continue to shape their administration with the tools at hand in the face of Trump’s refusal to accept defeat and give the green light to begin working on the change of government. But Trump also began to receive friendly fire among the Republican ranks. One of his allies in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, said Biden should start receiving intelligence reports. And one of his former officials, Mick Mulvaney, made a criticism in an interview with Fox Business that is heard with increasing force: Giuliani is not the right person for the legal offensive.

“I am a little concerned about the use of Rudy Giuliani. It seems to me that this is the most important trial in the history of the country. And they are not there. They do not use the most prominent electoral lawyers. There are people who do this all the time, it is a specialty, “Mulvaney lamented on Fox Business. It’s an open secret: none of the election lawyers wanted to get involved in Trump’s offensive.

In fact, many of the lawyers who made up George W. Bush’s legal team in 2000 have already said that the outcome of this election will not change because Biden’s advantage is wide enough, both in votes and in the geography of the electoral map. , and due to the lack of solid evidence. Theodore Olson and David Boies, the two lawyers who represented Al Gore and Bush before the Supreme Court – and who were also involved in the saga known as “pari passu”, of Argentine debt and “vulture” funds – wrote a column in The Wall Street Journal newspaper in which they stated that the outcome of the election is beyond doubt.

“Biden will be president,” they wrote.