US Election Aftermath: Trump's influence will still last long
US Election Aftermath Trump's influence will still last long

US Election Aftermath: Trump’s influence will still last long

US Election Aftermath: Trump’s influence will still last long

After Donald Trump’s announced defeat, what remains of the influence and actions of the 45th President of the United States within the Republican Party? Our journalist Harshit Joshi, a specialist in the United States, believes that Trumpism still has a bright future ahead of him.

After four days of suspense, Joe Biden was named “President-elect”. A victory that Donald Trump does not intend to concede any time soon but which has since been greeted by several great figures of the Republican Party. A party deeply upset for four years and the accession of Trump to the White House.

What conclusions can we draw from his influence within this Conservative party over the past four years? Our Guillaume Debr√©, specialist in the United States and author of “Je twitte, therefore I am, the art of governing according to Trump” (Ed. Fayard), enlightens us on the question.

What will remain of “Trumpism” within Republicans?

Harshit Joshi – In this election, we must realize that Donald Trump won 8 million votes and the Republicans have gained ground in local legislatures. You could compare that to our regional councils which are very influential and important in American democracy. The Republicans made a splash there. During Donald Trump’s tenure, we saw a much more radical generation emerge. Now at the local level, they control one or both chambers in 29 of the 50 states. Trumpism and Donald Trump’s influence will last long after he leaves.

After Trump’s defeat in the election, what is the relationship of the party caciques with him now?

For Americans, Colin Powell, Mitt Romney, Condoleeza Rice, George Bush Jr are a thing of the past and no longer represent much among Republicans. Their DNA is very distant from that of Trump. The Republican Party, even if it is embarrassed and knows there is no hope of winning, still understood that they avoided an electoral rout thanks to Trump. Because Trumpism feeds on political tension and a deep-rooted rejection of the “Washington” class.

We can therefore assume that they have no influence on Trump to convince him to stop these legal actions, No one has any influence over Trump except himself. His close guard brings together the most hysterical of hysterics, Steve Bannon, his sons, his entourage is telling him to continue.

Does a figure stand out now, within the “Grand Old Party”?

Among the contenders, Nikki Haley ticks several boxes. She is Indo-American, Southerner, Republican, Conservative, former Ambassador to the UN, former Governor of South Carolina, she is a woman and she comes from minorities. During the campaign, she even became the most Trumpist of the Trumpists. During this election, Trump failed to garner votes from women, especially those from suburban suburbs. So if Haley speaks like a white American man, while giving hope to minorities and speaking to this electorate, she can be the future of the party.

Where is the Republican Party now?

There will be a fight for the souls of the Republicans, to keep this political DNA. But will the party become gentrified, attract visible minorities? We will have to follow this closely. What is certain is that there will be a before and an after Trump. The GOP of the 2000s has nothing to do with the one we know anymore. There was a turning point in 2008 with the crisis, which was initiated by Washington by deregulating American capitalism. People no longer want to see this political class: the Clintons, the Bushes. We see that there has been a polarization of the two parties. We are entering electoral territory which will be difficult to maneuver.