Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? We have a Good News for her Fans

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? We have a Good News for her Fans

Recently a Rumor is flooding on Social Media, and that is of Selena Gomez’s Pregnancy, we are seeing People writing on their Social Media Accounts that Selena Gomez is pregnant, and this has created a confusion among Selena Gomez’s fans, they are asking questions like Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? on several Internet Forums.

Well We tell you, it is only a Rumor, and NO, Selena is Not Pregnant.

But wait, We have something good, a very good and much better news for her fans, and that is about her new song Baila Conmigo.

Yes, Selena Gomez has released her new Spanish single, “Baila Conmigo,” alongside Rauw Alejandro.

Not just that, Selena Gomez has officially presented her new EP in Spanish, “Revelación”, which will be released on March 12, with Tainy and NEON 16 as executive producers.

On this occasion, Gómez joined forces with the Latin Grammy nominated rising star and Puerto Rican urban music phenomenon, Rauw Alejandro, drawing on the chemistry she felt with him. With a global push from influential Latin Grammy Award-winning producer Tainy (Bad Bunny, J Balvin) alongside Albert Hype, Jota Rosa and NEON16, the track fuses rhythms of reggaeton and guitar with empowering lyrics.

“For me, it was very interesting to work with Selena on this song, because it mixes an authentic reggaeton sound, with elements such as a more typical pop electric guitar,” said Tainy. “Rauw’s melodies captured that essence and complemented Selena’s very well. I am excited about this topic! ”

For his part, Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Nogari directed the music video that accompanies the song, which was filmed between Los Angeles, Miami and a remote fishing village in Brazil. The visual part integrates performances with charming landscapes.

“With ‘Baila Conmigo’, I want to make everyone dance,” said Gomez. “The video portrays the sense of isolation that we all experience right now, and how music really connects us no matter where in the world we are.”


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Meanwhile, Rauw Alejandro expressed: “The fact that an artist of Selena’s caliber has considered me to collaborate on her project is a blessing. ‘Baila Conmigo’ is a super catchy and sexy song; I hope the fans like this collaboration as much as I do.”

Earlier this month, Selena unveiled her first Spanish-language song in a decade, “De Una Vez.” Since its launch, the respective video clip has accumulated more than 46 million views on YouTube. Upon her arrival, she set No. 1 trends around the world and in the United States. Additionally, it was ranked No. 1 on the iTunes global chart.

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