Twitch: Spanish Fortnite streamer destroys audience record

Twitch: Spanish Fortnite streamer destroys audience record

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The new year is barely two weeks old when the first records are already falling. The Spanish streamer “TheGrefg” recently set not just one, but several new records on the Twitch platform. It all happened during a live stream on January 11, 2021 where he showcased his own Fortnite skin. The battle royale shooter is very popular anyway and “TheGrefg” has a large fan base. Both in combination led to a veritable explosion of spectators.

As can be seen from current statistics, the aforementioned stream reached more than 2.4 million simultaneously active viewers. This is a very respectable number and far exceeds the previous record for the highest number of viewers for a single streamer. Until recently, it belonged to Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and dates from 2018. At that time, “Ninja” played several rounds of Fortnite together with the well-known US rapper Drake, which attracted 616,000 active viewers at the same time. As you can quickly see, “TheGrefg” was not only able to easily surpass this record, but actually destroy it.

With the 2.4 million mark, the Spanish streamer has even succeeded in surpassing the previous audience records of larger organizations and events. The highest value so far was 1.1 million views and came from the eSports organization “ELeaugeTV”. In third place is the official PlayStation Twitch channel with a record of 1.014 million simultaneously active viewers.

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