Trump promises ‘wild’ protest in Washington DC on Jan. 6, claims it’s ‘impossible’ he lost

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President Trump promised a “wild” protest on Saturday, January 6 in Washington, DC, as he continued to deny that he had lost the election.

“Statistically impossible lost the 2020 election,” he tweeted. “Big protest in DC on January 6. Stay there, it will be wild!”

TRUMP, TARGETING MCCONNELL and top representatives demand “Together” to contest elections.

January 6 is the day when Congress will convene to accept the presidential election results. President-elect Joe Biden won the election, and presidential elections cast their votes at the Electoral College last week.

But Trump and his campaign have disputed the results and faced many legal challenges, although nearly all of them have failed. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court heard a Texas lawsuit that tried to void millions of votes in major swing states.

Nearly four dozen lawsuits have been mooted by state and federal judges over the past six weeks by the Trump campaign and allies to increase election results.

Trump’s legal team has said that it intends to continue the growing legal challenges, but experts say there is little chance of success.

On Saturday, Trump linked a report by Peter Navarro that claims without evidence that the amount of election fraud was enough to swing the election.

MCCONNELL AFER Sanitary Major Leader in TRUMP returns to the area of ​​Residential BIDEN.

Some Trump aides plan to call for a debate in the House when the election results are received. However, most Senate leader Mitch McConnell asked his Republican colleagues in the Senate not to contest the election results on January 6, when a joint session of Congress formally accepted the count.

McConnell’s move could effectively end any last-minute hope for the president. A majority of both congregations of Congress (including the Democratic-controlled House) would be needed to increase the election results.

Meanwhile, Trump has criticized those in his party who have accepted Biden’s victory.

After McConnell recognized Biden as president-elect in a Tuesday speech on the Senate floor, Trump responded by telling him and other Republicans “to be tough”.

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“. @ Senatemajldr and Republican senators have to be tough, or you won’t have a Republican party anymore. We won the presidential election, a lot. Fight for IT. Don’t let them get away!” Trump accused Twitter

Trump, who lost by more than 7 million votes, has also targeted several other Republicans over his stand on the election – including Georgia government Brian Kemp and Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Vio.

Globe Live Media’ Paul Steinhauser and Tyler Olson contributed to this report.

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