This week’s hottest new cars: Open-face Lamborghini, 311 mph Venom, electric Canoos and more

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Auto shows have been canceled this year, but they hardly matter now. The automaker these days reveals new models throughout the year, and some are the latest from this week.

Lamborghini SC 20

Now it is blowing air on your face. Lamborghini has created a one-off custom version of its Aventador supercar with no roof or windshield. The 770 hp V12-powered two-seater was developed for track day driving, but is also street legal. At least in Europe. The buyer’s identity is not revealed nor is it priced, but you can be sure that it has seven figures.

Speaking of wind, how about a car that is as fast as a tornado? The Hennessey Venom F5 is designed to go at a speed of at least 311 mph, which is as fast as a Category 5 hurricane. The Texas-built $ 2.1 million supercar will next year stretch its 1,817 hp twin-turbocharged V8 at the Space Shuttle landing strip at Kennedy Space Center.


space required? California-based electric vehicle startup Cano has unveiled a line of boxy, battery-powered cargo vans. It plans to start selling in 2022 at a base price of $ 33,000. Two sizes will be offered at launch, plus three battery packs that can deliver between 130 and 230 miles per charge. A third high-roof version will later be added to the lineup.

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Jaguar Vision Gran Tourismo S.V.

The Vision Gran Turismo SV will not be added to Jaguar’s lineup anytime soon, but it will be available to drive in the “Gran Tourismo” game for next year’s PlayStation 5. Jaguar produced a full-size model of it, however, and said that the all-electric, all-wheel-drive supercar has a virtual 1,877 horsepower and is on its way to a top speed of 255 mph in 60 miles in 1.65 seconds. Can speed up to per hour. .

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