They released Danna Paola’s new album after an illegal leak: “I went into shock,” said the singer.

They released Danna Paola’s new album after an illegal leak: “I went into shock,” said the singer.

Photo: Danna Paola / IG. 

“KO”, the new album by Mexican singer Danna Paola was illegally leaked a day before its official release. The also actress shared the news with her followers, He spoke about the shock he experienced and the actions that the platforms took music playback via streaming to protect the material.

“Something very crazy happened a while ago that I swore, as an artist or as a person, I said: ‘Meh, those things will never happen to me’ and, said and done (…) All I know is that the album was leaked. And I went into shock and screamed and it was like crazy, I couldn’t believe what was happening”Said the 25-year-old interpreter from her official Instagram account.

The singer and actress shared that this release is the most important of her life and career and that, after the leak, digital platforms sought to minimize the damage and decided to release the record material one day before the scheduled date.

“The platforms, obviously to protect the content and to make it come out of good quality and everything, well, they released the album early. Literal, a day before. For content protection, in this case Spotify, released the album to protect and that all communication went directly to the platforms “Said the singer in a live Instagram.

The interpreter of Hey Pablo Clarified that He does not know who was the person who leaked the material illegally or under what circumstances. However, once the initial shock is over, the youth artist is excited and relieved.

“I already breathed, I am very excited, very happy, very grateful. I think everything happens for a reason and I think they are just as eager to hear the album as I am. That I, every day I sleep I say well ‘one day less’, ‘one day less’ and look, unintentionally, today was the day and I can’t believe it and I almost went into a nervous breakdown ”, said Danna Paola with a smile.

“Well, nothing, we already have it. A day before, before this entire release was so gigantic. I am very excited, very happy to officially announce and to have a giant party and to be able to say ‘Welcome to my breakup party’ ”, concluded the actress and singer.

In the transmission via social networks, The Mexican artist shared some details about the process of creating the album entitled “KO”. According to Danna’s narration, the production of the album was postponed several times and, even, had to face several nervous breakdowns during the recordings.

The theme of the album is about a love breakup and is presumably based on the singer’s own experience: “This left me a great lesson, which is that the more screwed up and the more broken you are, there are good things that can come out of this. And I released a whole album of something that had been breaking me very heavy. I had a very difficult time and I made a whole album ”.

(Photo: Instagram de Danna Paola)

(Photo: Instagram de Danna Paola) 

“This album and this whole process has been very difficult for me. It has been very emotional. It has been a lot of crying, a lot of laughter, problems. Good things, learnings … This album is made with all my heart”, He concluded.

After the announcement of the alleged illegal leak and the official release of their new album, the singer became a trend in social networks. Her followers showed their affection for the artist and decided to support her


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