They loot a truck full of food that was trapped in Moratalaz by the storm

They loot a truck full of food that was trapped in Moratalaz by the storm


He temporary Filomena has shown the kindest side of people with 4×4 car drivers volunteers to transfer people who had been held incommunicado in hospitals as a result of heavy snowfall. But unfortunately, not all are acts of good faith and Filomena has also left images of people looting a truck that was taking food to a supermarket.

The vehicle had been trapped in the M-30 in Madrid by heavy snowfall on Friday. I was detained next to the El Ruedo building in the Moratalaz neighborhood. It was there when a group of people approached the truck to take boxes full of food products. The events have been visualized thanks to video of a neighbor who recorded everything from home.

20,000 kilos of food looted

Transport, loaded with 20,000 kilos of food, was heading to a To field located in the vicinity when he had to stop his march. After that, the driver of the vehicle went out to ask for help and at that moment the assailants decided to loot the truck.

As reported The world, the driver managed to meet the thieves and they threatened him with death if he betrayed them. Despite this, the carrier I call the Police. Minutes later a patrol came to see what was left in the truck.

When the agents left, the looting neighbors went back down to the street to finish taking the food that was left, it is included they smashed the cold machine to keep the produce fresh.

The company has denounced what happened

Due to the effects of the storm, the company has not been able to report the events until this Tuesday, when he has presented the accusations before the Civil Guard and the National Police so that what happened is investigated.

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