They find the oldest figurative work of art in history: a wild boar from 45,500 years ago

They find the oldest figurative work of art in history: a wild boar from 45,500 years ago

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A cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has allowed to discover the oldest figurative work of art in history. Is about a warty boar measuring 136 centimeters long by 54 high what was painted more than 45,500 years ago.

As the magazine reveals Science, the find has been carried out by archaeologist Adam Brumm and a team of scientists from Griffith University (Australia). The article ensures that near the animal there are drawings two other less complete pigs that seem to face each other.

“These new discoveries add weight to the view that early modern rock art traditions probably did not emerge in ice age Europe, as long believed, but sometime earlier outside of this area, perhaps somewhere in Asia or Africa, where our species evolved “, Brumm says.

First to enter the area

Both the expert and his team were the first Westerners to visit the area despite being near Makassar, the largest city in the region: “The locals say that before us no one other than them had entered these caves.” Earliest known previous representation to date it was a hunting scene from 43,900 years ago, also discovered by Brumm in a cave on the same island.

Dated with uranium series

According to the researchers, the painting shows the earliest evidence of humans on the island of Sulawesi: “The finding supports the hypothesis that the first Homo sapiens populations to settle in this area of ​​Indonesia they created artistic representations of animals and narrative scenes as part of their culture. “

In order to know the age of the drawings, a technique called uranium series was used. With this method, the painting itself is not dated, but the processes associated with artistic activity.

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