The truth behind the alleged arrest of the vocalists of El Recodo

The truth behind the alleged arrest of the vocalists of El Recodo

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Members of the Latin Grammy winning band starred in a police clip (Photo: REUTERS / Steve Marcus)

On Tuesday morning, the news broke that Geovanni Mondragón and Ricardo Yocupicio, vocalists of the Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga, had allegedly been arrested since a video was released on social networks showing the two members of the band. group being entered by state officials of Mazatlán, Sinaloa to official vehicles.

Although the group did not release any statement for several hours or clarify what the video broadcast by journalist Edén Dorantes was about, which is just under two minutes long, now the true reason for said recording emerges.

The entertainment journalist Gilberto Barrera revealed that said video is about a performance to promote a new project musical of the historic Mexican regional band. “This is part of a strategy to promote a video,” said the director of the magazine. TVyNovelas in the live program of Good morning Bandamax.

They released a video of the alleged arrest of two members of the “Banda El Recodo” (Video: Edén Dorantes)

And it is that the images taken by various media correspond to an upcoming musical single of the group, which is about to be released to digital platforms. “I am able to confirm that the images of the arrest of Ricardo and Geovanni from El Recodo are part of a music video of the group. For the fortune of all, they are well and do not have conflicts with the justice “, he wrote in his account Twitter.

Barrera recorded the event as “a bitter publicity strategy”, however he stressed that now the interest of the public would be to investigate how the film was recorded. clip and in what circumstances, every time an official vehicle of the state police and elements of it appear in it.

In the latest publication of the official profile of the Banda El Recodo, only a photograph of one of the vocalists appears with a message that invites you to follow him on his Instagram account: “What’s up, plebes! Follow our vocalist GEOVANNI MONDRAGÓN ”.

Members of the Sinaloan band that made the first Latin concert "drive-in" in the United States (Photo: EFE)

Members of the Sinaloan band that made the first Latin drive-in concert in the United States (Photo: EFE)

After these statements by Gil Barrera, on Tuesday night he again used his account Twitter to detail that the leak of said video could have legal repercussions, since “Poncho Lizárraga confirms that the scenes of the arrest of two members of Banda El Recodo, Giovanni and Ricardo, are part of a video of the group. He comments that it was leaked by one of the employees of the hired production company and that his lawyers will take action on the matter, ”the journalist revealed.

In addition to this, the journalist María Luisa Valdés also spoke about the situation in Newscast and he explained that the group did not want to give him more information. “Last night I communicated with the people of the Banda El Recodo and they only told me ‘today on social networks they are going to talk about it,” he commented this morning in his section.

The clip corresponds to the video recording of the band's new single (Photo: Screenshot)

The clip corresponds to the video recording of the band’s new single (Photo: Screenshot)

“Eye: The Banda El Recodo has always been clean, they have never had a scandal, they have never had a problem. It is the first time that there is talk of a scandal in the Banda El Recodo, let’s hope it is for a video clip, something different, because yes that is the first thing they ask of them and under contract: ‘here you cannot come to make scandals,’ “concluded the entertainment journalist.

The Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga was founded in 1981 and is considered one of the pioneers in its musical genre, which is why it is known as “The mother of all bands”. It was in 2006 when they were involved in another scandal with the justice system. Several of its members were arrested while trying to cross from McAllen, Texas to Mexico, because they did not declare 150 thousand pesos in cash.

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