The surprise resignation of Mariano Peluffo to Ediendo Tele: the reasons for his decision and the figure who will replace him

The surprise resignation of Mariano Peluffo to Ediendo Tele: the reasons for his decision and the figure who will replace him

They will no longer see it as they saw it: Mariano Peluffo in Editing Tele 

2021 continues to bring surprises in the grids of television air channels. Unexpected passes and changes in schedules are the news of the day in the media. In this case, the protagonist of this surprising pass is Mariano Peluffo, current file program driver Editing Tele.

Mariano will leave the conduction of the program, which is one of the successes of Net TV -It is broadcast every night with very good rating levels- and has a panel made up of Angie Balbiani, Luis Piñeyro and Thomas Dente. The decision attracted a lot of attention, due to the good progress of the cycle and because, in addition, Peluffo also drives Like everything, where it will continue.

As of Monday 18 Diego Korol will take the place of the ex Big Brother, with the same panelists. “The truth is that some time ago we arranged with the people of the channel my departure from the evening program and my continuity in the midday cycle, which is a co-production of mine with the channel,” said Peluffo, in dialogue with Teleshow-. We reached a settlement without any conflict. I was going to say goodbye at the end of the year, but since Diego had vacations closed for those days, I stay until Friday the 14th ”.

Diego Korol

Diego Korol 

When asked about the reasons for his departure, Mariano told exclusively about his new project: “I’m going to do a reality show on the Public Television, and it was impossible to reconcile the schedules of the two programs since they are both in prime time, that is, between 20 and 22. That’s why Editing Tele”.

“Net is my home: I did the first broadcast of the channel when it started. I am from the beginning. It is a place that I love and in which I feel a bit founder. We work hard so that the signal grows. There i did Matter of weight and now I do two programs. The good thing is that I’m not leaving at all. That is why it is a decision for me to leave one of the programs that I love the most ”, added the host about his departure from the channel that has him as one of the most visible faces.

Mariano Peluffo will be the host of a reality show in which he will choose the first reporter of Argentine soccer. After Angela Lerena become the first commentator on the broadcasts of the Argentina Selection, the program will go around the country looking for a rapporteur. It is the first time in a cycle that this type of trade will be tackled.

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Rapporteurs It will have a daily broadcast and on Sundays it will be the elimination gala of one of the participants. The reality show is going to have all the classic seasonings of this type of show, but trying to get away from the conflicts and more banal issues, which are usually the seasoning of shipments of this style.

Peluffo has everything ready to start with reality. “The idea is to have it on the air within 40 days, that is, in mid-February. Public Television has very rigorous sanitary protocols and we are working so that the cycle complies with everything as it should be. It is a very federal project: the idea is that the participants represent all the provinces. We want to be the vehicle so that soccer fanatic girls, who love stories, have their chance to make their way in an environment run by men for years ”.


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