The secret history of how the return of Bruges was conceived, 30 years after its premiere and with two new additions

Moria Casan and Nora Carpena in a function of Bruges
Moria Casan and Nora Carpena in a function of Bruges

In a telephone dialogue on Sunday afternoon, a colored fact emerged: “On January 3 will be exactly 30 years since the first performance of Witches -he pointed out Carlos Rottemberg-. What if we do an anniversary edition of Witches? ”. “But we are not the age we were then …”, he seemed to excuse himself Thelma Biral, who was talking to the producer about a personal theatrical project when the talk changed its course, almost without either of them expecting it. “We do the remastered version! Like the movies do,” joked Rottemberg, by way of retruque. The actress seemed to be convinced: “Well, if you feel like it, we’ll go ahead.” But he asked her: “See what the other girls think …”.

Nora Cárpena is one of those girls. The producer called her immediately: “Enchanted!”, She responded, with equal swiftness. Shortly there was also a text message from another of the girls: Moria Casán: “Of course, we are going to do it!”, Replied the diva, with that “positive and optimistic tone” that defines her. And so, in just 10 minutes, the three actresses who -in order of appearance- headed Witches they had already given the go-ahead.

Rottemberg then contacted Graciela Dufau. A delicate present led her to decline a proposal that, in other circumstances, she would undoubtedly have accepted: in January she died Hugo Urquijo, her husband for 35 years. Weeks later, in the middle of mourning, the pandemic surprised her. The producer understood the refusal; the show shouldn’t always go on.

Witches: Graciela Dufau greets the public, applauded by her companions
Witches: Graciela Dufau greets the public, applauded by her companions

Your colleague Fernanda Mistral He had replaced her several times in previous performances, for different reasons. But this time, for personal reasons, he could not accept. A couple of days passed, other surnames were lowered, but whoever climbed onto the stage in Dufau’s place did not appear. Rottemberg called her again: “Who do you think could do it?” Graciela asked him for a few minutes and he responded by WhastApp: “It will seem strange to you, but for my role, that of the judge, I suggest you Sandra Mihanovich”. It was enough for the singer to read the book she received in her e-mail for, four hours later, to respond: “Let’s go forward!”

It remained to define the role that the remembered one developed with excellence in the original work Susana fields. And this time it was Rottenberg’s wife who came up with a name: Maria Leal. The three witches thumbs up in approval, and the former Great, man! joined the cast. “After a while he was marking the book, in the old fashioned way, which we immediately sent to his house. That same day was already a witch”, Highlights the producer.

In this way, after that telephone communication on the afternoon of Sunday, December 13, on Friday 18, five witches, director Luis Agustoni and Rottemberg sealed the agreement with a finger on a blank paper – as a symbolic signing of the contract – in a Buenos Aires restaurant. Rehearsals would start next week, and on January 8, 2021 Witches I’d raise the curtain on the Comafi multitabarís. Three decades after debut. But with the magic intact.

Bruges 2021: with María Leal and Sandra Mihanovich, the cast seals their commitment for a new version of the theatrical classic (Photo: Instagram)
Bruges 2021: with María Leal and Sandra Mihanovich, the cast seals their commitment for a new version of the theatrical classic (Photo: Instagram)

“This is like a cultural resistance says Rottemberg, in dialogue with Teleshow-, in which artists with many years in the profession are convinced that the way to respond to the public and encourage a return to the theater is by performing. And showing that, by taking care of the protocols, not only can work be done, but also that people can go to the rooms to enjoy a show ”.

Witches, which tells the story of five former classmates from a religious school who meet again after a long time for a dinner, is a theatrical milestone. He was on the bill for seven years since January 3, 1991. In 2000 he returned to the scene for a season, for another later return, in 2009. And he always did it with an absolute box office success.

In mid-2018 Moria received in Incorrect -the program that led by America- to Cárpena, Biral and Dufau. Together they recalled different experiences. “When we started with Witches, Nora’s two daughters were not married. And when we finish WitchesHe had seven grandchildren, ”Casán pointed out. Dear Thelma, when did we start Witches you were with Titino (Pedemonti), when we finished you were no longer with Titino (died in 2004). But we had our grandchildren, our children. I don’t want to be pale, but I’m telling you about life. It’s what really happened to us. It is not drama, it is the life that happens to you, it is the life that we go through … ”.

Now, Carlos Rottemberg closes the talk with Teleshow an emotional mention: “I dedicate it to Guillermo Bredeston, who was my friend and partner in this adventure of Witches”. Without a doubt, Nora Cárpena there, on stage, will feel the same …


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