The Ridiculously Realistic PS5 Filter, Learn how to use it

The Ridiculously Realistic PS5 Filter, Learn how to use it

The Ridiculously Realistic PS5 Filter, Learn how to use it

You may or may not have done a prank with your friends, either in real life or in the social media world, today we have brought a similar prank for you, although you can only do this prank on social media. Yes, this prank of social media is very much in discussion these days, people are pranking their friends and their social media followers a lot by playing this prank.

So, lets come to the main point, all of you must be thinking that we are talking about this prank, but what is this prank? So let’s know about this prank.

Actually this prank is about the Sony Playstation, yes, you must already know about PlayStation, or you probably own one yourself, so this prank is about the next fifth edition of the PlayStation.

Yes, actually this prank is an Instagram filter, a new filter has been launched on instagram by aroneverything, when using this photo filter, it puts a PlayStation 5 on top of the photo being taken from your camera, and it looks so real that it seems as if the PlayStation 5 in the photo is real, using this filter you can troll your friends and social media followers very easily, and the fun thing is that they will never know that you have a filter there (except if they are also using this filter).

Let us tell you that this filter is a new Instagram filter, but when you use this filter to put a fake PlayStation 5 in your photo, then you can save that photo in your phone and can post that photo in other Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter and also prank followers there.

If you already know about this filter, it is fine, but if you do not know it yet, let us tell you how to use this filter.

To use it,

  1. First open the Instagram app on your phone and touch ‘Your Story’.

  2. Then scroll down to the list of effects below and go to the end, at the end you will get a ‘Search Effects’ Option, click on it.

  3. Then you will see many effects, now search ‘PS5 box’ here, now touch on the filter named ‘PS5 box’ and touch ‘try it’.

  4. Now your camera shall open up, now touch the screen and your filter will pop up. Now use the filter and click pictures with proper placement of the PS5 (filter).

And that’s it, save the photo with that PS5 filter and start pranking all your friends and social media followers.